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Conversation Between Bullet w/ Butterfly Wings and Mill Wilkinson
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  1. Bullet w/ Butterfly Wings
    12-16-2008 03:52 AM
    Bullet w/ Butterfly Wings
    that sounds good. It would make for an interesting storyline...

    I'm more for the second idea, or something like it, than the first though.
  2. Mill Wilkinson
    12-15-2008 09:45 AM
    Mill Wilkinson
    Me taking you under my wing and teaching you the true meaning of being a warmaster. Pyhtagoras has been quite mislead with the Groldar Garrison warmasters.

    Or me just teaching him riding or something.

    This would, of course, happen after some serious adventures by Pythagoras.
  3. Bullet w/ Butterfly Wings
    12-15-2008 04:21 AM
    Bullet w/ Butterfly Wings
    yeah good idea...

    what do you have in mind?
  4. Mill Wilkinson
    12-14-2008 12:14 PM
    Mill Wilkinson
    When the story goes onward, we could get some story together. Pythagoras sounds like an interesting character.

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