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ltm3673 03-28-2010 11:39 PM

A Rainy Night. An open RP story
Hi all. No I havent died thanks for being concerned, but I want to write an RP story based in Dragon Tavern which anyone can join. The main theme for open RP stories is rainy or stormy nights in my opinion, and that also seems to be the ones which writers enjoy the most. So anyone can join this rainy night and I would love some conversation around the warm fire this night. So what are you waiting for?

Fremen Talla was relieved to see Tavern Town. Granted, he had ventured in rough conditions before, but that didnt mean he had to LIKE it. "Nearly there men" Fremen called to his soldiers, "Ill shout all you guys a bed and drink tonight if you keep going." They had been only four hours away from Dragon Tavern when the rainstorm had hit them, Fremen had ordered them to forced march pace in the driving rain and the men had complained, but every soldier knew, the quicker they marched, the quicker they would get a nice warm bed. Normally the soldiers set up camp around this point and only Fremen and the lieutenant got a bed in the Tavern, the only exception to this was a rainy night. And tonight was definetely a rainy night. Fremen assessed the distance. Three hundred metres to the town gates. Dimly he heard the gate opening ahead of them as the guards opened the portcullis. He grinned beneath his hood, there were definate advantages to being a regular in Tavern Town. His men, spurred on by the thought of changing out of there cold armor, urged there horses forward. "Nearly there my friend" Fremen whispered into his hores's ear, "One more effort please." The boneweary horses and riders struggled on, anxious to be within the reach of a warm fire.

QTChi 03-29-2010 10:59 PM

Hunting in the Rain
The rain fell steadily, the wet drops soaking her thin cloak thoroughly.

Just behind the heavy bark of the ancient oak tree, a necromancer crouched low within the mud and wet grass. Pale skin gleamed eerily as she shifted her head, drawing in a deep breath and tasting the drenched forest surrounding Dragon Town. Long, dark hair tumbled to her waist, the wet ebony strands clung to her skin, hiding her features from the night. Only a single eye was visible as it peered out into the night - a turquoise gem filled with hunger.

Qtchi was hunting.

Water poured off the sides of her face, but the necromancer didn’t pay the storm any heed. Slowly, she began creeping along the ground, her movements fluid and silent like the willowyisps¹ that haunted the gaseous marshes of the lowlands. Mud coated her clothes and debris clung to her body, but it didn’t stop the girl as she approached the small clearing.

Dark crimson lips pulled back, her white teeth flashing once in the darkness. Just beyond the low shrubbery, her prey huddled innocently beneath the flimsy shelter of the bushes. It was a weak thing, but the lass wasn’t here for a wrestling match. The shape of her face shifted and suddenly, something seemed wrong. As she stalked forward, her long nails digging into the mud, the skin upon her body tightened, making her eyes appear larger as her muscles tensed for a pounce…

A succession of emotions passed rapidly across her face: expectancy, fascination… and eagerness.

Just as she sprung into action, the distinct sound of a horse whinnying filled her hears. Frozen, she forgot all about her dinner and slowly turned towards the new arrivals in the near distance. More noise now, the sound of metal dully shifting against each other and the rhythmic chop of the marching horses, almost barely distinct under the rumble of thunder.

Even as thunder cracked loudly in the skies, the dark clouds overhead were severed apart by the bolt of lightening that illuminated the girl, slowly rising to her feet. Shadows swirled around her lithe frame as she turned her luminous eyes towards the approaching soldiers…


¹Willowyisps - A light dancing creature that resides near areas of still waters. They are small, no bigger then a human thumb, yet they contain sharp teeth and enjoy feasting on human flesh. From a distance, most travellors mistaken them for giant fireflies…

² OOC (Out of Character) Notes: Pay close attention to your indentation please :) Make sure you put enough spaces between the paragraphs/sentences, so it isn't lumped together. To make dialogue stand out from the rest of your text, you can consider bold font or choose a nice color.

Thank you for starting your story on the DT forums, we are looking forward to seeing more fabulous writing from you :D

ltm3673 04-01-2010 10:27 AM

An Unexpected Encounter
A horse on the rearguard suddenly let out a long and drawnout whinney. Fremen cursed himself for being so lax, he had been so busy fantasizing about the prospects of a warm fire to sit around that he had been so careless as to neglect his security. He often wondered himself why he should take to many precautions so close to Tavern Town, still it never hurt to be prepared. He quickly scanned the area, realizing that a girl was standing in front of him. Dimly, he registered the presence of a long thin dagger in her right hand. Odd, Fremen thought, we could have simply run her down with our horses if we'd wanted to kill her, a dagger wouldnt stop us. Then with a start he recongnized the figure in front of him, even though they had never met face to face.
"Necromancer Qtchi, I do believe we have not been introduced, I am Fremen Talla, Warmaster of the Skyclaw Alliance." "Would you like a ride back to the tavern?" Fremen continued extending his hand to Qtchi.

QTChi 04-03-2010 12:00 AM

The Encounter
She drew in a sharp breath and lifted her chin, bringing her gaze onto the approaching riders. Lightening flashed across the skies and lent the necromancer a view of the men riding behind their leader. She stiffened upon the multitude sight of armed men, but did not move from where her feet was rooted into the mud.

As the rain continued to pour heavily, the leader closed the gap distancing their bodies, then gazed down from atop his perch. By her sides, her fingers slowly curled into fists, as she looked at the man with cold eyes.¹

She drew away from his offered hand, her eyes narrowing to dangerous slits. ”How ye know me name?” The lass spoke, already moving her body back towards the forest trees. ”Warmaster? Nay! Ye must be a sorcerer…”


¹Her hands were not carrying a weapon. Qtchi's writer won't enjoy GodModding http://www.anikaos.com/anime_animate..._images_23.gif

ltm3673 04-03-2010 08:41 AM

Afraid not
Fremen laughed softly, "Im a mere mortal im afraid QTChi, and there's a reason I know you, I keep my eyes open" Fremen said. He quickly cast his eyes around the drenched forest. "It appears as though the storm is continuing and will do so for another couple of days," "Now take the hand before I leave you here in the pouring rain" Fremen smiled to let the lass know he was joking.

QTChi 04-03-2010 04:51 PM

The Race is On...
She paused her footsteps, feeling the sway of the branches behind her; the forest beckoning for her entrance. Her eyes flickered to the soldiers patiently waiting for their leader, the heat of their mounts slowly rising off their backs as the cold droplets relentlessly fell.

Humans... The lass thought to herself. They would not last long in such weather.

"I prefer ta ride alone," She spoke clearly, her form almost hidden by the dark forest looming behind her. A quick glance at the bushes, showed the lass what she already suspected. Her prey lost - the girl would have to find other means to supplement her diet. Perhaps Bruce would have something rare on his menu tonight...

"Perhaps we shall rendezvous at the tavern?"

Lightening streaked across the skies, punctuated by the low rumble of thunder, and that brief moment of illumination revealed an empty spot from where Qtchi once stood. Gone.

ltm3673 04-03-2010 10:10 PM

Very well
"Very well QTChi, if you want to ride alone you do that Fremen shivered as he realized QTChi had disappeared, "The lass is uncanny" he said softly to himself, then remembering his soldiers were paitently waiting outside the small clearing he turned his horse. "What was all that about sir?" asked one of the men when he returned. "Nothing men however it appears we shall have tables of our own tonight." Fremen ordered his men to fall into single file and then ordered the horses into a steady canter. "If QTChi wants a race, we will give her a race" Fremen said, "Alesandra Alea deatre Draconicorrse1" he said softly to his horse and quickly turned back towards the town gates.

Just so you know, Fremen is speaking in the Moon Elf language to his horse

QTChi 04-04-2010 12:14 AM

Unconventional Pets
Her form darted between the trees, blurring as she made her way through the wet foliage that clung to her flapping cloak. The lass knew she would never make it back to the tavern on foot, but that was the least of her worries. Even as the soldiers began their ride into town, she danced her way between the raindrops and casted a spell, her breath never once catching within her throat. Her lips formed the incantation - a guttural hiss that was inaudible in the downpour of the rain...

"Adeo mihi,¹" The lass whispered, as she clamored over a fallen log and threw herself into the air. Faint shadows swirled upon the ground, quickly converging into a solid form as Qtchi braced herself...

...and landed onto the back of her emerging mount.

Rider and horse charged forward, long dark shadows trailing behind the horse, like painted streaks upon an artists' canvas. The lass leaned forward, closing her eyes to the lashing rain, and trusting her friend to guide them home. They easily vaulted from the dense forest, leaving only the light laughter of the necromancer, which eerily echoed behind them...


¹ Adeo mihi, roughly translates to Come to Me.

ltm3673 04-04-2010 08:30 AM

In The Stables
Fremen and the men rode into the stables as drying sweat and rain sent a chill down to the bones of men and horses. "You know the rules men, horses first." Fremen said. Fremen quickly dismounted and stood beside his mount, the horse's sides were heaving and Fremen knew if he did not get a rug on him quickly, he would catch a chill and possibly die. Luckily Dragon Tavern looked after the needs of men and horses. The sign in the corner of a vacant stall read "Rugs for Hire, one gold coin" Fremen quickly tossed fifteen gold coins into the box in front of it, one for every soldier. Fremen withdrew a rug out of the corner of another stall for his horse and quickly spread it across his mount's back. He checked if the horse had enough food in the bucket and water in the trough just to make sure. Then for good measure he rubbed the horse down. As the soldiers began to gradually file out of the stables towards there rooms so that they could dry out slowly, Fremen checked to make sure that his soldiers had done the right things with there own mounts then headed for the Tavern itself.

QTChi 04-05-2010 09:06 PM

At the Tavern
The tiny figure raced across the buildings within town and continued down the road until she could see the faint lights of Dragon Tavern.

Dismissing the stables, her mare continued to race towards the main entrance, her mistress tensing upon it’s back. Bracing herself, the young necromancer swung a leg over the neck of the horse, then jumped - completely leaving her mount. Her companion never once stopped; the dark horse continued to gallop away, leaving behind long tendrils of black smoke that curled around the it‘s discarded passenger.

Slowly, the girl straightened from her heavy landing, wet clothes slapping against the back of her legs. Her mare continued to round the bend, shimmering in the rainfall, just before the storm swallowed it from sight and left behind a faint whinny.

Qtchi pushed the rain slicked hair from her face and wrung out the dripping end of her drenched cloak, ignoring the mud that dripped off her boots. Reaching out, she pressed a palm against the tavern door and pushed. Almost immediately, a gush of warm air, mingled with the smell of sweat and stale ale, hit her face.

Glancing towards the stables, she spotted the Warmaster approaching and raised an eyebrow in surprise. So he made it, She thought to herself, but did not call out a greeting. With a smirk, the girl stepped through the entrance and let the door swing shut behind her…

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