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Murdus 01-28-2016 07:32 AM

Referral Credits
Not entirely sure if this goes here, apologies if it doesn't.

Got a message two days ago about receiving referral credits for someone joining/playing using my referral code. And another yesterday about someone purchasing credits and me getting a portion of what they bought as a bonus for referring them here. Figured they took advantage of the double credits super fun bonus time. :p

Thing is, I still see 0 in my account credits. And according to the FAQ, account credits from referrals are credited on the next day, when the daily updates go through. Which means I should have seen an increase yesterday, and again today-ish.

I'd provide a screenshot, but apparently my notifications decided to vanish into the aether sometime between yesterday and today. Can try to find it again if I need to, but figured I'd ask here first.

Any idea what went wrong, mods?

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