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darqwulf0911 10-08-2008 07:54 PM

Sounds good .. my characters' only advantages are the banners of exploration .. where do I sign up?? :D

Talos Thundercaller 10-09-2008 01:31 AM

I'm still new to this, but I'll join.

Wyeel 10-09-2008 03:26 AM

How do I join this comp group?

Temeraire 10-09-2008 03:34 AM

Click on the Competition Groups link on the left hand side of the main page.
You'll see several 'preset' groups you can join, and a box to enter in the name of a group.

You simply enter in the name of the group (which is Cheapskates ... all one word) then click 'join group'

FYI, that's also how you create a group... if you enter in something that doesn't already exist, a new group is made.

Wyeel 10-09-2008 04:24 AM

Thanks a lot =)

marinzeus 10-09-2008 03:40 PM

HAHA Wyeel!Im sorry Im posting this here but this is where I saw your signature!Thanks a lot,it is fun,but hard.Thank the others as well.
(By others I mean DarkGwyddion and the others with the game link in their sigs)

okion12 10-09-2008 09:37 PM


Originally Posted by inknform (Post 5607)
I love it!

**decides to wait 6 months for APs to accummulate into obscene amount**

carful your char may deactivate

DarkVisor 10-10-2008 01:14 AM


Originally Posted by okion12 (Post 5883)
carful your char may deactivate

Not to mention the AP caps out at 250 :p

Wallrider 10-22-2008 01:55 AM

I'm in! I have a few advantages, but all were gained from defeating higher-level bosses.

Temeraire 10-22-2008 03:29 AM

How do you find the advantages working out? I've purchased them on some characters, while with others I just get more APs... I think in the long run the APs do more for you(except the very cheap and useful Banner of Exploration, of course)the recall advantage, but that's essentially APs, too.

And welcome to the group :)

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