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StarDebut 05-05-2010 11:36 PM

A Hopeful Prologue (RPG)
http://img156.imageshack.us/img156/6228/tmac.pngis a small hopeful prologue, introducing my character to the Bards' Table.

The morning of the day was unlike no other, if you were favored enough to be slaying trouble along the Skyclaw Ridge Mountains. Indeed you were the brightest of suns on a flawless horizon, breathing in new air and catching the scent of fair maidens, the day was like no other. Unless of course, you were at rest in bed, upstairs in the Dragon Tavern like Rose Axellion where this tale takes us this morn'.

"Wghugh?" shifting to one side to measure the distance between his fist and the all so primitive magical clog clock pearched on a dresser table. "WHGUH!! Is that the time already??! Holy Cows! I've been asleep for 17 hours?? Mann, I'm sure if I could go to sleep I could reconjure those dreams about the fair..." The warrior 'figure' got up now scanning the room for his boots
"No wait, there's things to be done. Right. Rigght? Rightt! My noble griffin?! Aww devil imps, she's been sitting out there for all that time and I was sleeping." Axel tied his hair back, donned a white shirt, and wrestled on his leather briefs "the shamee!" he finally stood up "That bird, is going to be so flaired up at me."

Axel left the room, quitely closing the door as not to wake the lady he met last night and walked down the corridor past the many rooms. Atop the stairs, the sounds of music and rowdy behaviour along with the occasional snippet of a tall tale can be heard flowing from inside the legendary Dragon Tavern could be heard. "Still? Its like 12am? Don't they ever stop?" Axel mumoured to himself.

He amorously took some strides down the stairs, rubbing his blonde goate as he reached the last step. Nobody looked around they were too busy in their tales. "Hmmm good" He thought "Now if I can just get out of here without paying".

He bowed his head, and moved as quick as he could towards the door. Next he was out the door running up the hill past the shops, training facilities and merchants and continued up one of the hills, along the plush green meadow, hopped one handed over a wooden picket gate, and continued up the hill as fast as he could without breaking too grande a sweat.

He made it up to where thee crop of sparsely ladden rocky grey rocks stood. Pearched on top of one of the rocks, was a very disgruntled Griffin. But at least Axel was right about one thing for once. The bird was indeed "flaired up". Axel reached into his pocket and trying to reconjure his charm with the animal, slowly pulled out a pouch and the bird started to look a little less agressive. Exactly what Axel could do with-out, was a fight with his own mount. He took a few steps closer. "Looks what I got for you, eh? Remember ?"

The Griffin was of Imperial blood, perhaps not the noblest, but nobler than its "master" was a decent guess. He shook his main, and moved one claw forward. She tilted her head sideways, a very simular expression to a Sparrow that looks at a bit of bread with curiousity. Axel didn't know whether she was looking at the pouch, or HIM! So he opened the pouch, revealed a hand full of gold :p put it all back in. He thought to himself just for luck eh, brought out another gold piece and showed the bird another gold piece, plonked it into the pouch, tied it and threw it to the birds beak.

The griffin caught the pouch with ease and ruffled its feathers and placed the pouch alongside a strategic broken feather. "You know, If it wasn't for the gold and the ounce of noble blood you have. I would have probably plucked your head of those tiny shoulders." The Griffin spoke in chirpy roars.

"YOU, You spoke?!" Axel gasped and shook his hand in bewilderment!

"Yes indeed, and it's because of my lineage, look this obviously itsn't working for you and me, so if I just take this pouch, wish you fairwell, and tell the King, I'm sure you will have a replacement 'mount' as you so say, in a few days!". With that the Griffin made a sharp manueverable turn outstretched its wings, pushed its paws from the rock and jumped into flight and flew away. Axel stood quizically his mouth wide open, he tilted his head, closed his mouth slightly, took in a breath of air, stood standing eye to the sky for a few minutes, wondering to himself what had just happened and if this was some kind of joke. "Damn" He exclaimed to himself.

After about a half hour, of sitting, waiting on the lush meadow, and contemplating the consequences of what the previous night had had on the day, he picked up his stuff, and trotted back down the hill to what seemed such an ever so quite town...

StarDebut 05-07-2010 06:15 AM

DAY TWO in the Big Dragon Tavern

Axel leaned over slightly at the table. Poised the copper piece in between thumb and finger and bounced it off the table towards the tankard. It bounced in.

"Wow great" He said sarcasticly to himself.

The Dragons Tavern was relatively quiet for this time of morning, obviously people had gone off into the wilderness on the outskirts for the morning adventure or were fast asleep recovering from whatever ale was leaking from the taps the night before. There were a few butch silent figures on the opposite side of the Tavern, they seemed to be haggling, or gambling. Axel stood up from the stool and approached the book shelf. Mostly evidence of magic and little dirt or rust which was evident of a warrior, but Axel was interested in books, so he had a butchers at the spines.

"Don't judge a book by its Cover" By the midget merlin.

"If you've got nothing nice to say then don't say it, an idiots guide on how to defeat necromancers" By Curdles Curdle Bear.

Axel rubbed his frow, as he knew a title of a book yet couldn't remember its name. He sat back down at his seat. He looked into his backpack at a collection of gems he had won after defeating an Ettin.

"Now if Ettins knew how to spend this instead of carry it around like an elephant I am sure they would be looking prettier" Axel murmered to himself. He examined the red jewel in his hand and put it back in his backpack.

He took out a small box, rectangular with runes enscripted onto it layer. He pressed one of the runes and a small sound came out of the box.

"Hey! That's pretty entertaining" and he pressed a different rune this time a different sound like a drum came from the box.

He continued to press runes, make melodies, and entertain himself for the next twenty minutes before getting up and moving from his place with his gear out the door and to the market.

StarDebut 05-08-2010 03:10 PM

Day Four *Day Three went POOF*

A chilly wind blew over the roof of The Dragons Tavern, fractions of sunlight shone rays through grey clouds and rain water ran down the guttering into the grates next to the gritted earthen road outside the tavern. Axel sat inside amongst the rabble and roar of the Dragon Taver abode. It was his abode for the time being at least.

Axel was gripping his Tankard in one hand swooshing the ale around the bottom, deciding if the ale was fit enough to finish. A silver piece for ale really made no difference yet a good ale was easier to finish.

In his other hand he gripped a piece of paper. Perhaps he was commisioned to fight disorder in the land. Waiting calmly to be paid back with something that would aid his adventuring, his fighting and defence and the pursuit of experience, quite possibly wealth or merely promotion. Promotion wasn't on the agenda this week, but Axel had sense enough to realise that somewhere down the line, promotion would provide a significant lesson in life.

He looked again at the details of the papyrus, a simple scroll smothered in ink and laws, terms, condition and finally details he found most important.

Axel was sitting on the stool by the table. He had strong off-black leather boots with laces, some grey leather chaps. These were quite thick with small tufts of grey fur around the waist, and he wore an earthern brown leather top with various design styles. The jacket was cut at the triceps, and his leather vest covered the rest of his arm, the leather also included a hood to keep him dry, and several pouches and loose strings which were inevitably to hold equipment and tie more pouches to. Axel wore several silver plated rings of no particular importance, some had coils of celtic designs, some had common gems encrusted in them, some were plain and had rough hands. His fore-arms were covered by leather bracelets tied together with leather laces. His rough blonde hair, was dirty and had elements of red and ginger, and was tied back in a tail with another loose string coming from his vest. By his boots, was a leather backpack and a small leather satchel. He continued to sit reading the papyrus. He seemed to be waiting for the weather to improve.

Axel swigged the rest of his ale, got up to go to the bar and order another round.

StarDebut 05-11-2010 01:35 PM

A day later, day five for the skyguard warrior who had entered the Dragons Tavern. He milled aimlessly around the tavern for an hour, drinking, and reading books that seemed to never have been read before. Although of course the book shelf was large enough to accomodate the many older and popular books aswell as several other unopened books. Occasionally an old sky mage would stare at him almost giving the impression that Axel was reading his books, waiting for a critique.

He was approached by a man behind the bar. "So fella, you think you are just going to sit down here, drinking your ale, served to you kindly by one of my bar fellows, and you aren't even going to pay for your room the other night?"

Axel looked up with a bit of despair. " No sir, I had merely forgotten." Of course this wasn't true, but he had completely forgotten about running out the tavern without paying. "So how much do I owe you?"

" Forty gold pieces " the Tavern manager said.

Axel had the money, but this had not cheered him up after forgetting clearly not to return to the Tavern , but had forgotten after losing his Sky Griffon. Much to his problems he had returned to the same tavern and stayed additional nights. *Note to self: Next time make character visit different tavern!!*

" ...plus the addition two nights, thats Sixty gold pieces in total, and the beer on the tab that would make Sixty two gold pieces, and the tab interest." The Dragons Taverns Owner exclaimed.

"So, how about we call it sixty five gold pieces" Axel said, leaning down to his pouch and retrieving a pouch, he opened the pouch, to his suprise the gold was still there and if it hadn't of been, then he could of only presumed that he would never been allowed back in the Tavern making future adventures quite impossible to return from.

"That will do" Said the Tavern owner, reaching out a hand to be quickly filled with a pouch that Axel had poured and put Sixty Five Gold Coins into.

"Well now that you are happy, I still have matters to address, the other day I lost my steed due to complications resulting from the entertainment of your staff" Axel told the Manager, "and now I must depart the Tavern for sometime to return to the City where I am employed in order to change my mountain goat steed into a much finer, rideable and respectable steed."

The noise of the tavern was quite loud, and with the shouts of several young fellows across the tavern the conversation between Axel and the manager was dimmed out in respect to more patrons entering the tavern. After some time the manager left the side of the skyguard and returned behind the bar to talk to one of his staff.

Sirenna 05-16-2010 06:13 PM

The Bartender of Dragon Tavern
Through the noise of the tavern goers, the familiar golden head appeared in brief intervals, wearing a dazzling smile as she cooed at one man, while filling his tankard to the frothy brim and pocketing the copper coin without so much as a blink of her fluttering lashes. The barmaid sashayed her way back towards the counter, ignoring the jeering calls that followed her, nimbly stepping over the drunken mound of meat that passed out upon the ground.

?Sirenna? Bruce familiar?s voice called out to her and she turned to face the formidable figure that was her boss. He stood a head taller then the most, his features gruff and his bald head shining under the tavern light. Despite everything though, the woman knew he was a good man; he was living his dream and running one of the most successful taverns in the entire Dragon Town area - not a easy feat for someone who had once lost everything he owned.

She gave him her full attention, the coy smile she reserved for her customers, slipping off her beautiful face.

?Hey Boss, Something the matter??
She said, tipping her chin up to survey the bar scene. It was unusually crowded today, and she could see the groups of weary adventurers quietly finishing their drinks before they retired for the day. Further back, where a group of youngsters sat bragging over their latest venture, a cheer filled the air, followed by sounds of something crashing onto the table. Beside her, Bruce muttered under his breath (?Green imps!?) and started to turn.

?There?s a man at the bar, I think you might be interested in,?
He told her in low tones. ?Seems like he?s down on his luck and needs a bit of help.? With a knowing wink, the big man lumbered off to deal with the

?Oh?? The woman let her reply dangle in the air as she angled her head slightly and honed her gaze onto the said adventurer. At first glance, he appeared to be another sky rider - hair just a tad too long, wrinkled shirt, calloused hands - in other words? not particularly rich.

Sirenna sighed.

Mustering up patience, the woman approached with a easy smile upon her face, tilting her body so her curves were on generous display. Long, slender fingers reached out and danced up the sleeves of the adventurer. "Oh hello there handsome," Her voice was rich, throaty and full of promises. "The boss said you were looking for some fun - is there something I can assist you with?" She asked, her blue eyes gazing into that of the man.
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StarDebut 05-17-2010 02:42 PM


Originally Posted by Sirenna (Post 17712)
Mustering up patience, the woman approached with a easy smile upon her face, tilting her body so her curves were on generous display. Long, slender fingers reached out and danced up the sleeves of the adventurer. "Oh hello there handsome," Her voice was rich, throaty and full of promises. "The boss said you were looking for some fun - is there something I can assist you with?" She asked, her blue eyes gazing into that of the man.

Sitting over the table sat on the small pine stool, the fellow stretched his arms high in the air, let out solid grunting yawn and turned around to face the dazzling Bar maid. He wasn't really so focused and blinked to regain his pose, he didn't look tired or exhausted. He was waking up from a day dream. He smiled at the bar maid and spoke up.

"Hi there hun, I'm Axel, I am a bit bothered. I'll explain something if you like, it won't take time, and sure I would like some entertainment, but will you sit down for a minute?"

Sirenna 05-17-2010 08:37 PM

He called me.. Hun?

Sirenna allowed her eyes to slowly travel down the length of the man, measuring him for his worth and debating whether or not he could afford her time. Tossing a shimmer of golden hair over her shoulders, the woman leaned against the worn counter and studied her nails.

She didn?t sit.

?Well, what is it that you have to tell me?? She spoke languidly, turning her face towards the center of the room. Though her body continued to face his, the barmaid now sported a look of boredom upon her face. She wasn?t impressed with the foolhardy men who spent their drunken days dreaming of unattainable fame, wealth or power.

While it was part of her job to lend these big talkers her ear while serving them drinks, Sirenna wasn?t about to waste another moment on this patron if there were looser pockets in the vicinity tonight? not on another dead-end.

?Information will cost you,? She added in a low voice, finally turning back to regard the stranger with her blue eyes.
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StarDebut 05-20-2010 12:30 AM

Axel got up from his seat, and adjusted his belt slightly with his thumbs, shook his plaits to the side and gave a more reflective look into the barmaids eyes. He weighed up a few things in his mind. Whether any question would actually get him any interesting answers, and if she was just another Maid in another Tavern "Well if you can tell me how many Dragon Taverns there actually are? That would be a start hun." He was toying, joking and didn't really want to waste someone elses time. You could see it will the way he was and how he carried himself. A carefree, but troubled soul is was what she assertained with her years of Bar Service. He wasn't particulary charasmatic, there wasn't an ounce of royalty, or lineage to some god or higher being being or some far chasmatic divine fate weighing on his shoulders. Well not today at least. As far as she could tell he was just a normal adventurer who was fairly blonde and attractive, in a rugged way.

She paused just that bit longer if to take an order, although she didn't seem to warm to him. He managed to spew in a few words before he eyed the exit. "I know you can't sit down, busy innit, its just a man needed to know a local route from Daggerspine to Sky Haven. On the seal of the Lord of Sky Haven I was requested to pass by the outskirts of the Bravaki Desert, pick up some herbs there and go to Haven, or what you might of heard refered to as Sky Haven. Looks like I am going back there then, because I couldn't find the route through, but I hear there is another Dragons Tavern someway there. Perhaps if you could tell me if this is true or not I would be grateful?"

He picked himself up properly, getting most of his gear from the table and pocketing a few things, a compass, three six sided white ivory die, a small dagger. He also strapped a pouch to his side. In the meantime, the barmaid who was listening but merely, was picking up the glasses left by him and previous drinkers, or those that had padded their pint onto the table and mopping up the spillage.

He moved his hand out vertical and flat as to signal a way forward to the door. He gave the impression this was his next destination!

"You have heard of Sky Haven?"

Sirenna 05-20-2010 08:09 PM

The question surprised her and her gaze swung immediately back towards the man.

?How many Dragon Taverns??? Her voice trailed off as she looked at him, wondering if she heard him right. Then suddenly, the woman was laughing; tossing her head back, her entire face lighted with humor as her mirth gently warmed the air. It was quite certain to Sirenna, now, that this man was a visitor and unfamiliar with the neighboring lands. How did he end up here? She wondered in her mind, watching him rise to his feet, talking and pocketing his items. Her laughter faded away and Sirenna stood there, her head tilted to one side as she watched this strange man, the corners of her lips bowed up in an amused smile.

?I have heard of Sky Haven? and the Bravaki Desert? and the route you speak of. Even though the customers think I am just a drink pourer? I do, on occasion, listen to the wild tales they tell me,? The barmaid offered as he prepared himself to leave. ?It would be unwise to travel out without a mount? or a guide.?

She paused, raking her mind for the list of guests that were currently staying in the tavern.
One came to mind?

??in fact?? A mischievous look entered her eyes and she leaned forward, casually twirling one end of her golden locks. Her grin deepened until two dimples accentuated her porcelain cheeks.

?There is someone in the tavern right now? who can help you??

Sirenna swallowed back laughter as she faced the man.
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StarDebut 05-21-2010 03:13 AM

Axel had a habit of daydreaming...Somewhere only Dragons knew a place they flew, A realm in the mind a shard of the bard, singing songs, casting spells.. he blinked... he looked and heard the lady speaking, he digested everthing she told her, he even nodded and smiled with anticipation, yet he couldn't shift his mind of an image in his head, a translucant mask almost infront of his eyes... he blinked... turned his head and smiled at Sirenna, laughed... he snapped his eyes shut and smiled again, he could almost see himself in an outer body experience, he wrestled this imagination of his and stared at the woman until he came back to reality, and in reality he didn't quite know how long he was out of reality but he pulled it off as best he could in the usually manner continuing his conversation with the barmaid... "Yes, umm yes, that is going to be um, yes GREAT I mean, you know of somebody who can assist me find this route?...

"I have some coin left over from a gamble. I'll meet him straight away if that's okay?" He smiled and winced. He looked like a kid almost stuck in an adult body. She smiled.

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