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Wyeel 11-25-2008 02:05 PM

Telethos: A City Besieged [Alternate World]

As it seems like the original thread by Shedek has been idling, much like the others too, it came to me that I would like to continue on from where it left of. It would be more of a story rather than a RP as only two or so people will be writing it. A collaborated work I'd say. I apologize in advance if it seems that we're stealing Shedek's material, I just thought that it was a good ground to write a story. I'd be more than happy to erase all traces of the story if it displeases the original creator. I hope it'll turn out well... And yeah, it's a RP, feel free to send me a PM if you want to join (I'm trying to keep the numbers small though, =P do hope you'll forgive me if this happens to offend). Same rules apply as for the original thread. No superhuman characters haha...

EDIT: Also, I must add that all RPers who want to join this thread must try and make their characters as DT realistic as possible. This is to avoid messing up the storyline.
(i.e No clerics or paladins from the mountain kingdoms, mercenaries bla bla... Sry, about the trouble, I'm just being selfish :D)
Additionally, if you have the time, please read The Unofficial Dragon Tavern Timeline it's good to give you a rough picture of things, though I will not base the storyline entirely on it. (Credits to Ashen)

Map of Telethos and surrounding area
Telethos City Layout

Telethos Prologue - Thread by Shedek.

Relevant Side-notes:

Story Appendices
Hypocrictical Rantings: Not everything applies to current situation
All instantly Gmodable NPCs speech are highlighted in LemonChiffon ^.^
Glossary of Names

Telthos a City Besieged is Now a Closed RP. Entry by invitation only. Hope the rest of you will enjoy how it's developing =)

Wyeel 11-25-2008 02:26 PM

Chapter One : Decisions.
, . ; ' ~ * ~ ' ; . , . ; ' ~ * ~ ' ; . ,

Iridris was getting agitated. The usually calm and poised ranger was perched on a branch in the light of early day. The sun had barely breached the horizon, it's meager light barely cutting through the cool and misty haziness of the woods surrounding their campsite.

They had been waiting for days. The sorcerer, Siernan -if she remembered correctly- had come to the nearby town asking for aid as his home city, Telethos, was under siege. Many a brave adventurer had answered the call and they were all here... waiting.

Iridris reiterated her thoughts.

"Why the wait? Isn't there already enough adventurers gathered to form a mighty force?"

Iridris had other reasons for agreeing to offer help. Usually, she wouldn't be bothered much by a couple of days but... something did not feel right. The current idling was getting on her nerves almost as if it was irritating her skin physically.

As she sat on the branch of the evergreen tree, her breath coming out in clouds of vapour in the winter chill, a sudden thought occured to her. Out of curiousity, she had inquired to one of Siernan's troop of the whereabouts of the City of Telethos. He had given her a rough map of the surrounding lands and Iridris felt fairly certain she could get there... with a little help. Telethos was a long way away on the only practical way to get there would be by flight or magic. Given the current situation, she was sure that staying in the group would get her nowhere. That left only one solution...

As was her nature, she made the decision almost the instant it popped into her mind. Silently, she dropped from her perch and began to gather her things.

die2self 11-25-2008 03:29 PM

The brisk chill in the air didn`t help his situation. It was an irritating feeling in his throat, a pain that a nice steaming cup of coffee, or possibly tea, would alleviate at least for awhile. He quickly pulled the woolen scarf up, partially covering his face, hoping to combat the effects of the cold air biting at his lungs.

Crae`s attention was quickly diverted from the conversation with the jovial dwarf, to a slender figure leaping down from a tree branch. Narrowing his eyes in an effort to focus, he noticed it was the elven woman he had spoken to when he first arrived within the group. "...Iri...Iridris?..." He mumbled to himself, followed by a smirk, hoping to at least get her name correctly. She appeared to be preoccupied, gathering what few items she had and placing them in a travel bag. What are you up to, girl? He thought to himself, as his curiosity peaked at such an abrupt action.

Grabbing the reigns on his mare, Sarif, he snapped his attention back to Gorin. "Well friend, I must excuse myself, but thank you for the company...as brief as it was." He said, slightly muffled by the woolen scarf covering his mouth. Crae gave a nod and walked off toward the direction of the elven woman.

The apparent holdup of the group`s travel to Telathos mattered little to Crae at this point, but the closer he got to the girl, the more he realized that she was most likely on her way out.

"Going so soon, m`lady?" He said, trying to show some semblance of concern. "Hey, don`t let me be your reason for leaving?....I certainly didn`t intend on creating an argument...it`s just this blasted flu...doesn`t help my personality..." His voice cracked with a chuckle, in between an interrupting cough.

Wyeel 11-26-2008 08:36 AM

Iridris had just strapped her twin blades to her back and was picking up her bow when a muffled voice sounded through the misty air.

"Going so soon, m`lady?"
Crae said, trying to show some semblance of concern. "Hey, don`t let me be your reason for leaving?....I certainly didn`t intend on creating an argument...it`s just this blasted flu...doesn`t help my personality..." His voice cracked with a chuckle, in between an interrupting cough.

It was the human. Kray or Kay...

It was something of a surprise considering that the campsite still bustled with activity this early in the morning. Though, what should she expect? They're adventurers after all.

"Oh? It's you... still sick then?" She said offhandedly as she arranged her quiver of arrows behind her back.

"It is indeed as you surmissed, my friend. I am leaving."

Giving a slight chuckle to his statement, she continued

"I leave not because of your incessant arguments, at least it has not been directed at me... yet. No, I leave because I feel like leaving." The smile faded from her face.

"I know not what calls me, but this... waiting has been bothering my mind lately. I feel as though something calls..." she struggled to find the right word, "no, demands me to take action. "

"And that is what I intend to do." Iridris finished, as she picked up a small pouch, the last of her equipment.

Standing there, she looked at the man's face a moment longer, his soft raspy breathing filling the quiet air. At last, she said

"Well, it was good to know you.. Kray... and please, keep the formalities where it is due. I am simply Iridris."
This she spoke, face expressionless though there was a hint of mirth in her eyes.

Abruptly, she turned around and began to step into the woods. However, though her strides where long, it seemed as though she moved slower than one would expect; as if she were deliberately holding back.

die2self 11-26-2008 02:44 PM

There were certain women that Crae seemed to gravitate toward...those who held their heads up high, not allowing society to dictate their actions and thoughts...and those who posed a challenge. This elven girl, Iridris, had her mind set and nothing was going to stop her from completely the mission she was called for.

This uncommon trait in the girl intrigued Crae.

Stepping closer, it wasn`t a surprise that she was so matter-of-fact in her social standing, even a bit standoffish at times. Although, her acknowledgment of his eternal flu lead him to believe that she somewhat cared.

"Yeah, it comes and goes, but the abrupt weather patterns this area has been experiencing lately doesn`t help either". He plainly stated, his voice showing signs of strain. "I`m hoping that the bottle of healing elixir I acquired from the apothecary in town will give me some relief....this stuff isn`t cheap."

Crae re-wrapped the woolen scarf, making sure it was secure and snug around the lower part of his face. The elven woman, packed up and ready, stood and gave a quick, passing farewell as she turned heel and started toward the forest.

"Uh...I am assuming that you know where Telathos is?" He inquired, raising his voice over the rustling and creaking of the surrounding trees. "If so, I would be...umm...happy to accompany you...if you don`t mind, of course." He gave a slight bow toward in her direction, unsure if his proposal was too forward for the ranger.

Wyeel 11-27-2008 04:48 AM

Well it worked. She wasn't surprised that she even considered it, the way she had been acting lately. The way she went about gave room for the human to step in. What she hadn't considered was that he would be so... direct. Her lip curled up in amusement as her steps came to an abrupt halt not a long way from where Crae stood.

She took her time to wipe all traces of emotion from her face, as she replied, without looking back.

"It seems, Kray, that you have a good eye for assuming things. Although you did not ask, I shall answer your... indirect question. I am indeed going to that city."

She turned slightly to face him, one exquisite eyebrow arched, as though she were telling something trivial.

"I admit I do not know exactly where this Telethos is. However, I have spoken to one of Siernan's group-" she indicated back at the campsite "-and he has been so kind as to give me a rough sketch of the area." She spoke in her deep and rich voice, though the elven lilt to it was clear.

She paused a moment before continuing,

"I however, do not want to leave it to chance. There is a certain... someone that I know of back in the Mountain Kingdoms that might be of help. I intend to ask a long due favour off him... It might take a while, but it is still better than trying to warm the icy ground."

"Still feel like coming along?" She asked, a little humoured of his current predicament.

Without waiting for an answer, she turned back and resumed her walk into the chill forest again.

die2self 11-30-2008 11:52 PM

Feisty. Crae thought, as he couldn`t help but chuckle at her direct approach to socializing. The Elf knew where she was going one way or another, and it had been time to move out and discover what was really happening in Telathos.

"I`d be happy to accompany you, m`la- " He cut himself short, noting how she apparently felt with regard to formalities. "...or rather, Iridris..."

Without hesitation, the elven ranger turned heel and walked in the other direction. Shrugging his shoulders, Crae followed closely behind as he lead his mare, Seraf, by the reigns. "Pardon me, but where is your horse?" He said, looking around for one nearby.

"There`s always plenty of room up here, ya know..." He said in jest, patting the top of the saddle.

7_lives_2_go 12-01-2008 05:21 PM

Alone in a corner of the campsite was the wagon the Orion had brought with him a few days earlier. Orion however was no where to be seen, he had left the camp grounds just the other day and headed back to the town. Said something about having to go get someone he knew would make a good ally. He did not tell who it was but from just knowing him you could guess it was someone that if you meet alone in a dark alley or deep in the woods that you better prepare for a fight.

As Crea stopped Iridris to ask her if she had a mount to ride the wagon began to shank violently and a crate fell overboard. As the crate hit the group the lid burst open since Orion forgot to lock it back up from the other day and five giant spiders stood there looking around at the campsite. Seeing the Crea and Iridris were the closest thing to them they charged for the meal that they both would nicely make.

From out of the woods came a faint whistle that echoed with a eerie tone that brought with it a faint cry of death and agony. Than stepping out of the woods came Orion followed by three others, one was wearing a black robe with the hood up and had a breastplate made of thin steel and that was covered in bones on his hip he had a belt that carried many various pouches and had a golden emblem hanging from it. He also had a longsword strapped to his left hip but held a staff in his right hand as he walked behind Orion. The two men following him both wore voidsteel platemail with helmets that had the visors that had been welded into the upright position. On their backs they each had a claymore of basic design and a knapsack of the sheath of it so they could carry supplies and items.

As the spiders came in closer they stopped at the sound of the whistle, than slowly started to make they way back towards the crate. They walked slowly as they walked backwards, than stopped altogether when Orion stepped out of the tree line to show himself and the three that followed.

Looking around the camp he could see that Crea and Iridris looked as if they were going to be heading out and could not help but wonder what that Inquisitor who only a few days ago stated his dislike of the Deadlands and its people. Walking over to Crea he carefully took his steps as he kept a close eyes on his weapon. "So are you two leaving or something?" he asked calmly as he drew closer.

tydog05 12-01-2008 07:45 PM

(occ hoping were still where we left off last thread)
Gorin stared as the two conversed "I might as well come along in fact this might be a good time to prove myself and be a real Berzerker" he smiled at the thought

Wyeel 12-02-2008 09:00 AM

"There`s always plenty of room up here, ya know..." Crae said in jest, patting the top of the saddle.

Walking in front of him, Iridris gave the smile she was so famously known for; the slight tilting of the lips with the hint of amusement on her face gave the impression that she knew something the observer did not.

"Indeed? I'm sure that there is plenty of space up there... Kray" she voiced his name with a slight accent to it; she gave emphasis on the 'r' and the 'y'.

"Perhaps, when we're closer to the Kingdom. For now, I have a ride of my-"

She was interrupted by a loud thump and a crack. Whirling around she saw that one of the crates back at the campsite had toppled open expelling several large spiders. Ignoring the other adventurers, the monstrosities advanced on the two of them.

However, before they got much closer, Iridris heard a nerve jarring whistle. It was faint, but the sound of it gave the impression of a long tortured soul. The moment the spiders heard the whistle, they immediately retreated. Iridris turned to look at the source of the whistle only to find the warrior she had observed earlier. From what she had heard, he was from the deadlands. One, who looked to be quite young and two others followed closely behind. From the makings of the boy's armour, Iridris surmised that he was from the Deadlands also. The warrior appeared to be approaching them guardedly.

In answer, Iridris spoke, her voice cold and without any trace of her earlier mirth in it.

"Those creature are yours" It was more of a statement than a question.

"Yes we're leaving... if that's all you're asking" She had reshouldered her bow and kept her arrow - earlier she had drew them when the spiders were about to attack.

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