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Damana Mathos 05-16-2012 03:07 PM

Dragon Tavern 4th Anniversary Sale - Starts now!
Latest email announcement! If you're not getting them and would like to, just update your email address & options in the Settings area of DT. :)



"Someone bust open a keg already! It's been four years since I opened this place up, and for four long years, you guys have been beating up monsters, liberating their loot from their cold dead hands (most of them have hands), and bring it back here to pay off your bar tab. That's right! Four years of Dragon Tavern, which has become the leading supplier of booze for adventurers with no time for pointless narrative, quest logs, travel time or log-in queue dimensions like some other taverns we could mention. In fact, it's happy hour all week, so get your jugs ready for a party, and maybe your cups and glasses too, with extra cheap drinks at the bar. Happy birthday Dragon Tavern!"

It's our 4th birthday at Dragon Tavern, but as usual its you, our favorite player (you can all be our favorite right?), that get the presents!

For a limited time only, all credit purchases made will receive double the usual number of credits for their account, allowing you to buy those premium advantages, extra AP, or just sit in a pile in the corner of your room looking important. In addition, all drinks prices in the tavern menu have been slashed to only 10 gold each! That should help everyone get a little closer to roaring drunk. There may also be a little extra something granted to all players who make a purchase, handed out at the end of the sale, as a little surprise. We like surprises, and you will too.

Happy Adventuring,

- The DT Team.

Lourens 05-21-2012 02:18 PM

What's this surprise then? (Just learned Immortal Impatience... ;))

Aethelwulf 05-24-2012 03:45 AM

Maybe this should be obvious, but where is this surprise reward located? I bought credits but didn't get a surprise that I could see.

Lourens 06-07-2012 11:49 AM

Check your Public Page, you got a "4th Anniversary Special Mug"!

bbr 07-06-2012 07:59 PM


Originally Posted by Lourens (Post 23087)
Check your Public Page, you got a "4th Anniversary Special Mug"!

Don't see any mugs. But, I guess the bonus only applies to actually spending cash rather than earning it through the sponsorpay system.
I missed out on the first one by a not too long period of time, and haven't seen any new ones yet.

I'd have expected the 1 year ani ones to turn gold, the 2nd year ones to turn silver, the 3rd year bronze, etc.
Then all move over for platinum, diamond, and so on.

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