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inknform 10-07-2008 02:30 PM

[OOC for active RPs]

Figured it was time to make one of these so we don`t convolute the RP threads that are currently running below with OOCs. (shoutout to "QTchi" for mentioning this a few days ago).

This would be the place to add your story ideas, comments, or otherwise general input regarding the active RPs that are happening within the Bards Table.

This is the current list so far (that I`m aware of) of active RPs:

1.) The Ancient Obsidian Keep

2.) RP - A Cold Dark Night at the Tavern

3.)Telathos: A City Besieged (still in "signup" status & pending approval by Shedek)

NOTE: If everyone is cool with this, then great but if you want to continue utilizing the RP threads with (OOC) then who am I to argue. Also let me know if separate OOC threads for each RP would be a better idea.

If we do use this OOC thread, then please make sure that you indicate WHICH RP THREAD you are commenting on by adding it to the top of your replies.

And by the way, thank you all who are consistently (to the best of your abilities) keeping up with the RPs!

I know we all have our outside lives as well.

Mill Wilkinson 10-07-2008 04:20 PM

Nice idea, cleans the rp's a bit.

BOK - Black Obsidian Keep
CoDaNT - Cold night at the tavern (wat eva). :D
Telathos - Telathos.

Marinzeus should follow us into the pit. I noticed how I managed to gain the second-in-command status in the group.
Left most of my men at the hatch, because they aren't needed indoors. Took two with me. Okay with that?

marinzeus 10-07-2008 04:31 PM

That depends Mill.Who are you asking?Thanks for clearing it up.Good idea ink!

QTChi 10-07-2008 04:33 PM

Yes, this is probably best :P

I like to read a story and have it flow smoothly (without the OOC comments). If you have questions, simply ask it here. I request the thread owners to check often to make sure questions are being answered. A great story works only when questions are asked and answered ;)

If anyone needs help, I'm available through PM.

OOC: A few of us need to work on the "God-Modding" aspect of your RP's. If you are unsure what is God-Modding, or how to RP well, google :P - I often find myself using google for character research, healing properties (since I'm a healer) and etc. I try to be as "realistic" as possible (meaning my character can't walk through walls...sorry) and "polite" to others (meaning I give others a chance to "play" and write as well).

About God Modding

A brief intro to RolePlay

QTChi 10-07-2008 04:39 PM

RP - A Cold Dark Night at the Tavern
Character: Qtchi, Necromancer

Question? The minstrel - does she have a pre-existing condition? What is she, elf? Human? Undead? Dead? I'm afraid I don't know much of your charc's background :P

inknform 10-07-2008 04:52 PM

You brought up some great points, Q.

In addition, everyone should try their best to keep their spelling & grammatical errors in check. I`m not asking that we all take writing classes (God knows I have plenty of issues) but please take a few minutes to spell check your work and please please please...no run-on sentences! My brain hurts reading those types of posts.

In otherwords, use punctuations where they are needed :)

Also,don`t forget to check out the links that Q added if you need some insight on RPing or God Modding.

I will check in as much as possible to answer any questions but this is a community thread so feel free to help your fellow RPer.

inknform 10-07-2008 04:57 PM


Originally Posted by QTChi (Post 5597)
RP - A Cold Dark Night at the Tavern
Character: Qtchi, Necromancer

Question? The minstrel - does she have a pre-existing condition? What is she, elf? Human? Undead? Dead? I'm afraid I don't know much of your charc's background :P

I figured this would come up considering the mood changes of Mia, lol. But, nevertheless...YES...she does have a condition that is slowly unravelling within the storyline. Also, she is an undead human. I love complex, layered characters and Mia has been a challenge for me but I`ve also enjoyed the mystique that comes along with her.

As in most RPs though, your character isn`t going to know more than what she experiences in-game. But, I`m not going to throw anyone for too much of a loop. I think all of us have our inner demons, but it just so happens that Mia`s is manifesting itself.

FYI...if you want to know more about Mia, I have her write-up in the "Telathos" thread. But, just remember that your characters will know less than you actually know.

QTChi 10-07-2008 05:15 PM

Yes. It was the writer behind Q that was interested :P I was sorta wondering what she was and her background story :) Thanks for the reply.

inknform 10-07-2008 05:49 PM

cool, glad she could pique your curiosity ;)

And how about Q? I`m guessing she has a split personality of sorts? Or is there another "soul" living within her mind?

marinzeus 10-07-2008 07:05 PM

For those who dont know here is the list of those,accepted by Shedek for Telathos:

Mill Wilkinson-Mill Wilkinson
Mia Adeimar-inknform
Callimachus Alveron-The Bellmaker
Crae Adeimar-die2self
Iridis Farandir-Wyeel(the last minute entry)
And last but not least...


One question:Who decides if Shedek joins?Or is he already in since its his RP?

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