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Hwarin Dalthippa 02-28-2017 08:29 AM

Ultimate points not carrying over?
I'm playing the account Rufelza, character Sedenya, who is a Rank 7 Planeswalker, currently on level 52. I've just spent an ultimate point (the first of this incarnation) and I am told I have only spent 4 ultimate points in total. Previously she's been above level 100.

I'm sure she's had more than 4 ultimate points - unless the 'missing' points are included in the +2 to the various minor upgrades. My usual spend is to invest in the base skills and only invest in the minor skills if I've maxed the base skills (which I have done in the past...)

Is this correct? I seem to remember there were previous issues with ultimate points way back in the past, but can't find anything on the forum.


Hwarin Dalthippa 03-01-2017 09:59 AM

This is bizarre:

At level 52, I apparently had 3 points spent, plus 1 available for levelling up. Where the other 3 went to, I do not know - they certainly weren't available to spend and weren't in the list as being spent. So I spent the one point on Base Lethality.

Now at level 53, I have 1 spent and 1 available???

So where did the 'missing' 3 points from my previous remort get to along with any points from even earlier remorts? It seems to me that remorting several times in quick succession is not a good idea as you appear to loose your ultimate points unless you can get 30 points and invest the lot in the base skills to increase all the minor skills by a rank...

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