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Temeraire 10-07-2008 02:23 PM

New Competition Group!
Tired of looking at the rankings and wondering how much money those guys at the top have spent? Well, wonder no more!

Join the Cheapskates group today! The only requirement is that you play with only the APs god gives you... no spending cash on extras.

<sales pitch mode off>

inknform 10-07-2008 05:08 PM

I love it!

**decides to wait 6 months for APs to accummulate into obscene amount**

Shedek 10-07-2008 07:29 PM

Hey now, I'll have you know I've only spent one or two exotic items worth of loot to be where I am today. :P

Mill Wilkinson 10-07-2008 07:35 PM

No spending on extras? So, no advantages bought or TC (True Coin) used to gain more AP? If it is so, then I'm in!

saphie 10-07-2008 10:29 PM

I like the idea of this. May I ask a couple of questions?

1) Are you accepting relative newbies? (I've only been at this for a week!)

2) Do your parameters mean that you can only join if no cash was spent on character credits (true for me)? Or do you mean that no earned credits can be spent for additional APs (not true for two of my three characters)?

If I qualify, then yes, I'd be most interested in joining. :)

- saphie

Temeraire 10-08-2008 12:20 AM

To clarify:

I'm talking about the spending actual real-life currency... those credit you've earned slaying evil minions are, of course, fine.

Newbie, old-bies, and everyone is welcome to join, not having spent money is the only criteria :)

saphie 10-08-2008 02:39 AM

Joined! Thank you so much. :)

I'm excited to see myself in a single-digit ranking for probably the only ever time, too... ;)

- saphie

amalric 10-08-2008 11:42 AM

Great idea ~ all the guys in my sig bar the first three (Amalric, Circe, Yuldar) have had no money spent on them at all - and the latter two only have Amulets of Recall!


bbr 10-08-2008 12:47 PM

Been doing that for 20 levels so far.

marinzeus 10-08-2008 03:52 PM

OK I joined the group.It looks good.

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