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Damana Mathos 02-08-2016 07:27 AM

Lunar New Year!
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"Monkeys! Why does it have to be monkeys?! Hear that horrible screeching and hooting noise outside? Yep that's monkeys alright. They've gone crazy! Something to do with the Lunar New Year driving them crazy. They're throwing fireworks (and worse) at my customers and I need someone to clear them out."

"These fortune monkeys are not all bad, some of them even throw gold and treasures at you instead of the usual crud and mess, but they're few and far between. Most of them just want to cause a riot, tale over our shops and steal our beer money!"

"As usual, it's up to the hard drinkers of the tavern to get out there and stop this menace before it gets out of control. Watch out for their tricks, with the fire crackers, and dragon costumes, and mystical monkey magic. Any loot you recover from the defeated fortune monkeys should be bought back to the tavern for a reward, so I can dispose of them properly!"

Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year (or Chinese New Year, depending on where you live) has arrived and once again, Dragon Tavern is running a limited event to celebrate. Across the land, you'll find new monsters to beat up, new loot to be found, and extra rewards to be earned.

How much you ask? Well much like a fortune cookie, it'll depend on how lucky you are! You can learn some valuable lessons and earn some even more valuable treasures, often double, maybe triple, and possibly even quadruple the amount of stuff. Beware though, like any event based on luck, it can swing the other way too.

Happy Adventuring,

- The DT Team.

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