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Name: My name was once Legacy Meir deGrey...but now I am Q. Soulseeker. Deathbringer and Lifegiver.
Race: Undead
Class: There are many paths into darkness and she stands between the brightness of the burning day and the cold, chill of the dark night. Both human and the monster, the good and the evil. Forever she basks eternally in the nether regions between life and death – being neither, but mastering both.

She is the bearer of the dark magic – both her blessing and her curse. Death some would call it. Others call it necromancy. She calls it survival.

Age: Having loss recollection of her early years, the girl is unsure of her birth date. She appears to be quite young, but looks can be deceiving.

Weapons:A young student of the dark arts, the necromancer has yet to learn the proper use of many melee weaponry. Strapped to one side is a sword she once acquired off a fallen soldier. Though used, it is sturdy and lightweight enough for the young girl to use one-handedly. Tucked in one of her leather boots, she also carries a crude dagger. It is not one of extravagant design, nor does her weapons host any gems; matter of fact, none of her weapons are rare enchanted items, yet the girl still treats them with great care and respect.

Upon her left wrist clasps a silver bracelet. At first glance, the bracelet seems quite innocent – one that might have been given to her as an infant. It carries a pair of tiny bells that give off a cheerful jingle, whenever her hand moves. Barely visible, is an ancient inscription upon the silver band.

Whether or not the bracelet constitutes as weaponry, may the readers stay tuned to future writings to find out…

Armory:To the eyes of many others, the bedraggled cloak Qtchi wears around her petite frame, seems pitiful resistance against attacks: both melee or magic. There is no shield encasing her arms, nor any type of breast-plate…etc… The only armor this necromancer relies on is her ability to move quickly. Often times, she’d rely on her brethren to stall her enemies whilst she conjured up a spell – or escape.

Skill: The powers of the necromancer are varied and vast. With the secrets based on an ancient lineage of dark sorcerers, she (like many other necromancers) has the ability to create light within darkness, to animate the bodies of the dead, and to move with unearthly spread. While all necromancers have these indistinguishable powers, there are actually different forms of necromancy - each with separate select sets of knowledge that only the pupil of that sect learns.

Q is still young and has yet the ability to tap into her powers easily – unlike her ancient teachers. Though she can conjure the dead and cast minor spells, each feat requires a substantial amount of rage, often leaving the young girl drained of life/energy after each event. Life and death had long blurred into shades of grey for this particular young girl, leaving her alone to question her humanity. The voices within her are the very essence of her consciousness and they are constantly conflicting and agonizing for Q. This is due to her final skill. One in which she despises, yet is powerless to ignore.

::Blood Necromancy::

From the blood of others, she can gain temporary powers from her victim. Drinking large amounts also aid in the healing process of battle wounds – often refreshing the young necromancer, letting her be ready to fight with vigor once again. Though powerful, it is one skill she struggles with for the act of feeding itself frightens her…she becomes no better then the monster she feeds off. Not only does a necromancer gain life and power through the blood of others, it also brings to her an essence of another life into the necromancer.

It brings to her, knowledge and a flood of emotions that washes over her, leaving her vulnerable at times to the very same things her victims were....

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