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Name: Lysiris Farandir (Lee-see-ris Far-han-dir)
Heritage: Second daughter of Lord Tasaldan Farandir, one of the advisors to the Elven King of the mountain kingdoms.
Maturity: 19 (Elves age slower. Maturity shows the human equivalent of the age.)
Class: Elven Storm Lord
Tutelage: Student at Hearthfire Hold School. Apprentice to Lord Elandor Firewind.

Description: Lysiris Farandir would be what you would call pretty, but not exceedingly beautiful. Her facial features carry the look of an innocent child; but she is far from that. Long flowing hair which reaches just past her shoulders, is most of the time left to the wind. She has deep blue eyes which would seem to glow with their own inner light. However, she is a sentimental being and her mind often wonders when there is naught to do or she is sad.
Distinguishing Feature: Unlike common elves, Lysiris Farandir has nearly white hair that often is seen as slightly blueish. She shares this trait with her mother but the source of it is unknown. Beside her left eye, a tattoo is printed which runs down to her cheek and jaw-line in the form of vines and leaves. She stands about 5ft 8" tall.

Equipment: Usually, Lysiris carries a small spellbook which is also used as a notebook and diary of sorts. She wears an off-white, high necked, mage's robe embroided by gold thread in arcaic runes. Slits run up from either side of her legs from the hem of the robe to just above her knee so that movement is no obstructed. On top of this, she wears an enchanted leather vest. Embroided by silver thread and a coat of arms of her school sewn at the heart. A white travelling cloak covers all, protecting her from the elements. At her waist is strapped an Elven dagger (Slighty magical, longer than the average dagger but shorter than a short sword). Lastly, she wears two family heirlooms given to her by her father. A ring and a pendant. Though obviously magically, she isn't really sure of their nature nor is she able to use these talismans consciously.

Skills: Although not a swordsman nor any better than a common soldier, Lysiris can at least wield a blade better than any peasant. This due to the fact that she has experienced the art of Blade Dancing with Elven Rangers in her homeland. Her strength lies with her control of the element of air as with all Storm Lords. Although reasonably adept at most elements, she seems to have an affinity to wind and ice. However, unlike the average Storm Lord, she is also able to tap into the element of fire. A trait she shares with few other mages including her master. Despite that, her grasp of it is still limited to simple cantrips, her more advanced incantations being much more volatile; to the cost of a whole classroom. She is not overly powerful as she has yet to finish her studies at Hearthfire. However, she has a unique ability to be able to cast spells without the need of a channeler (wizarding staff). Some powerful mages can achieve this feet but there might be a significant decrease in spell power. Lysiris, however, can do this without quite well without the significant loss of power.

Background: At a very young age, Lysiris already felt the pangs of loneliness. The very fact that she was a noble of high regard meant that she never really found a true friend. Although this was not really evident when she was still a child, the parents of her childhood friends may have used them to gain the favours of Lysiris' father. As she grew older, Lysiris' trust of people was mostly reserved for family members, close relations and probably one or two who could still be called friends. However, her father, although a good man, was too caught up in his responsibilities to the King that he often neglected his family. Her mother, a devoted wife and mother, tries her best to help out but all in all, she is just one against many. Naturally, Lysiris would turn to the only other person available whom she trusted. Her sister, Iridris. Right from the very start, Iridris was her pillar of strength, a parent, friend, guardian and sister all in one.

Iridris became the anchor of her life. It mattered not that others tried to use her, betrayed her or sometimes, back-stabbed her. Gwathel would always be there, to comfort and guide her. It all seemed to go well until the day Iridris decided to explore life as a ranger. It meant that she would leave for one of the many outposts, to begin her training. It meant that Iridris would be leaving her. Lysiris' world collapsed around her. It felt like the only supports that held her afloat over the chaos of life was suddenly wrenched from under her. Leaving her helpless and vulnerable. She blamed her sister for abandoning her. It was one of the darkest periods of her life. But it was also a turning point.

From that moment on, Lysiris began to take responsibility over her own self. The fact that she had no one to turn to made it all the more painful when she was hurt. However, little by little, she grew to become more independent. The scars of her life, though not fully healed, hardened her up. It might be possible, that it was during this stage of her life that she was known to become dreamy and ignorant about the world around her. Often time she could be seen staring of into the distance, sometimes talking to herself. Despite all that had happened to her, Lysiris held on. She decided to distract herself from the pains she has endured by concentrating all her being on her studies at Hearthfire as a Storm Maiden.

Character Profiles: Lysiris Farandir & Iridris Farandir

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