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Iridris Farandir (Ee-rid-dis Far-han-dir)
Heritage: First daughter of Lord-Duke Tasaldan Farandir one of the advisors to the Elven King of the Mountain Kingdoms.
Maturity: 27 (Elves age slower. Maturity shows the human equivalent of the age.)
Class: Elven Ranger.
Tutelage: Thundermount Watch

Equipment: Elven Longbow with poison tipped arrows, dark green forest cloak, lightly enchanted leather armour, hunting knife, healing herbs, and her family heirloom Elven Blades, Tulo-Amdir(Bringer of Hope) and Tulo-Amrun(Dawnbringer); each curved blade extends to a total length of about three feet. Iridris has of yet no conscious knowledge of the full power of her enchanted blades. The only thing worth mentioning is that they are unaturally sharp and require little or no effort to maintain.

Typical of all elven rangers, Iridris Farandir's skill with the elven Long Bow is matched by few outside of the mountain kingdoms. Her years of service in the Thundermount Watch outpost taught her how to survive in the wilds and also provided her with enough military training to rival a veteran soldier. Enchanted tattoos cover almost every part of her body, lending their magical strength when the need arises. These she obtained during her years of service as a Ranger. Although she favours to attack from afar, when forced into close combat she can fight almost as fiercely as the Dwarven berserkers she trained with at the Watch; but with certainly more artful movements associated with the elven bladedancers. However, this does not mean she can outlast any hardenned warrior in close combat.

Description & Background: Iridris is an Elf.. What did you expect? Pointy ears, athletic body, about 5ft 9", sharp pale blue eyes, high cheekbones, quite ordinary... etc. However, unlike most elves her hair, which she keeps tied backwards down her back, is a very pale blue colour. Almost silver. This happens to be a common trait in most females of her family line and the source of it is unknown. Iridris wears a tattoo which runs from her right eye, to her cheek and down to the jawline in the form of a vine and leaves. This marks her as a noble. Despite her apparently high lineage, she prefers to keep this part of her life quiet with her usually focused and direct manner, in contrast to her sister Lysiris who tends to be a more of a dreamer. Why she chose to serve as a ranger (instead of politics as one would have expected for someone of such noble blood) is uncertain. Though, it could be the result of her rebelious and eager nature coupled with the lack of attention given to her by her parents which caused her to opt for a more adventurous life. Rumour has it that one of her ancestors was a great adventurer and was part of the force that helped free the elves from their Outworlder captors.

As a young girl, Iridris had already taken on a task of great responsibility. She was a self appointed guardian for her younger sister Lysiris. Unlike Lysiris, Iridris has a more abrupt and serious demeanor. Being around her would give one the impression of keen alertness. These and several other reasons probably give rise to the fact that people refer her to be an austere beauty, as opposed to her sister's more innocent nature. Being the oldest in her family, she had learned the lesson of independance the hard way. As such, she always did her best to protect her sister's fragile heart.

However, as Lysiris grew older, Iridris came to realise that she could not be there for her sister forever. It may be for that understanding that Iridris chose to leave home. But, whatever the reason, the decision broke her heart as much as it did Lysiris; maybe more. Although her parents did not overtly approve of her decision, they gave her the heirloom blades as a going away gift.

Character Profiles: Lysiris Farandir & Iridris Farandir

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