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Name: Kelric Valas

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Age: 29

Class: Reaver

Equipment: His main weapons are a pair of Voidsteel Scimitars. Given by the power of his wraith his main hand scimitar has a small life leeching affect. Not too powerful, but it allows him to regain stamina and heal minor wounds each time it sinks into an enemy. His off hand Scimitar which used to belong to his father contains the ability of return in case if he ever drops it or ever needs to throw it. It only has a small return range of 3 meters. He has a small leather sash across his chest with thin and light weight throwing daggers, ideal for interrupting spell casters and hitting vital points. He wears a black trench coat with another enchantment given to him by his wraith allowing him quickly "blend" into the shadows seeming as if it manipulates darkness itself.

He has a small pack in the small of his back containing a flask of water, roll of bread, and healing salves/bandages.

Skills: Melee combat is his fancy. Using the shadows and his incredible speed with little to no sound at all. Extensive training with dual wielding an assortment of weapons, hand to hand, and throwing daggers. Minor training in archery with a bow/crossbow. (Would rather charge an enemy than carry such bulky things.)

Striving to gain magical abilities promised by his Wraith Kelric has his entire body covered in demonic symbols and written incantations which he hopes to become strong enough to successfully use. Previous attempts have almost caused him to lose his mind to his wraith which now gives it a small grasp over his actions.

Appearance: At 5'11 Kelric has an athletic build giving him enough strength he needs to use what he has, but making him light enough to have the speed necessary for his tactics. With his body covered from head to toe with tattoos of ancient demonic incantations and diagrams his primary tattoos are snakes coiled around around his arms and shoulder. The tail starting at his elbow and the head coming over his shoulder resting on top of his collar bone. He also has the Latin words "Velox Mortis" meaning Swift Death tattooed on his forehead, and a piercing in his labret of a sickle which wraps under his chin.

Wearing black boots to having black short and spiked hair. From head to toe he wears black. The only bit of color he has are a two snakes, on his coat which constrict from wrist to shoulder. One snake being yellow and black, the other being red and black with a large red pentagram on his back. His bronze brown skin making his tattoos a little less obvious and also making them harder to read for anyone with knowledge of the dark arts.

History: Succeeding his father Kedak Valas only by murder in the shadowy assassin's guild in Soul Forge. At the age of 9 his father murdered his mother suspected of having multiple affairs while he was gone. Fueled anger and coaxed by his father's Wraith within his own mind accused his father of becoming old and weak. Putting his father's basic training into use. Killing him with his own scimitar one night while they were eating. Unsuspecting Kedak wasn't aware of his Wraith's treacherous ways until it was consuming his life force and deeming Kelric his new master. Taking his father's Scimitar and Trench Coat he set off to make a new name for the family Valas.

Impressed by his gritty determination the guild begins the child's extensive training at the age of 10. He quickly became talk of the Shadow Assassin's guild collecting difficult marks at a young age while his older brother becoming a Bone Lord began to put some fame back into the Valas name leaving him with no regrets. Only appreciation for his father's guile.
Kelric Valas. Reaver. Soul Hunter.

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