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Default 5th Birthday Sale!


Stomping down the stairs like a lummox, the Bartender bellows at his staff.

"Wench! Get your best pair of jugs!". The froth blasts from a random patron's beer as he sputters in outrage.

"We're doing everything in two's around here for a while, in order to celebrate the 5th anniversary of this place opening. And someone who can count to 5 buy some candles and order a cake. It's about time this place
saw some festivities".

Announcing the Dragon Tavern 5th Birthday Sale!

For a week, all players can enjoy a bunch of bonuses and goodies when they log in and play. These include:
- Double XP!
- Double Gold!
- Double Credits!
- Double Daily AP!
- Double Double! Oh wait... that's too much

That's right, any purchase of credits will be doubled for a limited time only, so if you've ever wanted to get that shiny advantage from the Shady Dealer, now is the time. Or you can wait until next year, when we might do
this again. Maybe.


- The DT Team
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