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Default Character Sheet Randomly Disappearing

Hi. I played this up to level 51 eons ago and am just coming back to give it another whirl. I am having a strange problem, however.

When I came back, my character list was empty so I figured my toons got deleted due to the fact that they were inactive for years. I made a new one, leveled him to 5, then stopped. I came back a few hours and went "Hey, my old characters are back!" All of them were back, excluding my level 5 (which I am fine with if I have my 51 =p).

Came back the next morning, and my level 5 is staring at me again. Came back later that day and my 51 is staring at me, then my 5, then my 51, and so on. My character list is seemingly randomly switching. Very odd problem.
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