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Originally Posted by Krellin View Post
On a whim, just thought I would jump in here, poke the forum, necro this thread, and reply to myself from six years ago. Still playing DT! Though, admittedly, only check in a few times a month.

I guess that means I've been playing DT for 10 years, and 2 months.

Also, decided to post a fun pic of my old "veteran's drinking mug" that the Rowdy Baron Games crew sent out to early beta testers of the game. Still have mine after all these years.
I check so and then, then notice no new reply in several months to several years in the forum section here - even if the devs aren't really active anymore, they should certainly notice our activity when we poke around here.

I imagine it could be a fun surprise if we suddenly recruited several dozen players and got the game active again.
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