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[ooc: ignore that I said she would be back from the deadlands on the third, I'm not sure how insane this'll get and want to get in before things get overly long]

Two adventurers arrived, well after word of the siege, riding steeds that would have struck fear into the hearts of any civilian, and one of them whining all the way.

"Damn it, it's too cold!" the woman, riding a Foghoof Steed said.

"You call this cold? Try flying at 15,000 feet in the dead of winter and tell me this is cold. Anyway, you owe me." Said her partner, a man riding a Wyvern.

"Yeah, it's not like I got stabbed in the chest twice, vs you just getting thrown against a wall and left alone."

"We've had this discussion a dozen times already. Just drop it," The man said, getting annoyed.

"Fine. Anyway, you better know where Telthos is."

"I have a good idea of its whereabouts. Don't worry," he said as he watched the spiders run back to their master. He then said, "God, I hate spiders."

They hung back behind the small group that was leaving, The woman still complaining about the cold. She asked, "Why do you want to go to Telthos, anyway?"

"I have family there. I want to kill the those that have brought harm to them, and make my parents proud of me, finally."

"Ace," said the woman, "your parents probably will never hear of your role in this. There are just too many of us for an exhaustive list. Anyway, maybe the group with the spiders is heading our way. We should talk to them."

"Fine, as long as the spiders stay far away from me."

"Hello," she called, "You headed up to Telthos?"
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