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Originally Posted by Acebrock View Post
As soon as the Spiders reappeared, what could be seen of Ace's face turned a pasty white. When they were finally put back in their box he went back to normal. He asked his partner, "Would that be another Death Knight, with the spiders?"

"Yes, part of the Bonekeep Dark Crusaders."

"How can you tell?"

"The small engraving of two bones on his shoulder plate. The serpent on mine says I'm part of the Sepsus Dreadguard," said the woman.

"Do they usually have such pets?"

"It's unusual for a Death Knight of any of the three main guards to have such pets, but then again, it's unusual for any Death Knight to rely on their sword as much as I do."
Not meaning to over hear the conversation the two were having he could not help bu listen in and was shocked to see that there was another death knight. "How could I have missed that" he thought to himself.

With a faint whistle he dispatched his spiders and the blue wasp into the woods to follow the group during their travels. "Hello there fellow death knight" he said as he walked towards the two. "I could not help but hear you say I'm from the Bonekeep Dark Crusaders because of my emblem. You are right about me being from them but the emblem I wear is of my family lineage. For the crossbones do mean the Bonekeep but the skull is what gives it the distinct difference from the Bonekeep for they have crossbones and a ribcage." Extending his hand he gestured to both men that he would shack their hands.

While Orion was busy talking to the other death knight Oloo had mounted Foxfire and steered her over to the other man on a horse. Hugh and Callias both walked up behind him and stopped feet away . Their ghostly white eyes stared off in the distance, taking in the surrounding area before they moved out.

"This fabled city, why are we going there and where is it located?" while he talked he held his head down from the man who his uncle told him about. Said the he did not like the Deadlands and more than likely did not like Deadlanders either.
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