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I think Legendary Explorer should be the first choice, not only for the better xp and loot in sub-locations, but also because it's the only skill that allows you to get more credits!

After legendary Explorer? Mhh... hard to pick... I like Proven Fate just because it allows you to play a bit longer everytime. But I guess Legendary Hunter would be the more efficient choice.

I never felt I needed Immortal knowledge. Yes, it does give quite a kick at low lvls, and maybe if you go beyond lvl 55 then yeah the early full counter skills will get mandatory but otherwise, if you're just aiming for lvl 55 and remort, I say save that for later.

Of course I'm speaking efficiency-wise.... With my immortal skyguard I picked dragon soul and fire weapons, with my bone lord I picked Abyssal and death aura. I kinda prefer variety and RP to raw efficiency.
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