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Originally Posted by Hooptie View Post
Hello, Can anyone tell me if you keep your credits when remorting,or should they be spent on advantages? I know you lose all your equipment not sure about gold either.

From reading this thread I'm also not sure if it is better to wait to remort. Is it worth it to wait to get higher levels the first or 2nd 3rd etc time or remort soon as you hit level 55.

Thanks, any help greatly appreciated!
You keep your credits, but you do lose all your gold.

I think we did some calculations, and it's better to remort as soon as you hit 55 - you don't get enough ImP per level for the amount of xp that it requires to go from 55 to 56.

As for me, only one of my chars has remorted more than once - I would strongly recommend Leg Explorer, Leg Hunter, Leg Avenger, and Proven Fate (probably in that order, actually) - after than it becomes a sort of toss up. I like Stone Gaze and Immortal Knowledge actually has been sort of useful. I did like the better luck on (Improved Luck?), but it's a little swingy, so it's worth waiting on.
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