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Name:Deyvid Hunter (Famous family of hunters and also the clan of nocturnal invaders and guards)
Age: 20 years

Weapons:Deyvid usually use large blades to keep a certain distance of a safety battle, but know potencialemente use a small blade or dart launcher in a surprise attack.

Skills:Infiltrators are a sort of unofficial collection of hired stealth specialists. While no actual thieves guild is tolerated to openly exist, a certain underground element will always survive in any established community, and the Mountain Kingdoms are no exception. With advanced training techniques in stealth and striking from the shadow, the Infiltrator is a formidable assassin and spy, able to slip behind enemy lines and strike without being seen.

He relies on his ability to move undetected and quickly disappear between strikes, flinging daggers, shooting concealable weapons, and whatever else gives him the upper hand in a fight. He does not fight fair, he fights to win, with little concept of an honorable victory (in fact, most Infiltrators scoff at the very idea) although their teachers do instill a certain moral code, and a loyalty to their homeland above others. Just don't ask them to share their gold, because loyalty only goes so far.

History:With 5 years learned to climb with building great places and mountains, with 8 years learned to have affinity for nocturnal animals like bats, owls and wolves mainly mountain.
Since 5 years already trained pitches and reached a great skill to 15 provability with great accuracy.
It has a great ability to dodge and reflection, greatly reducing the chance of being hit by an arrow or flying object.

Rumors:Hailing from Blister Peak Chapter in the Mountain Kingdoms, he is said to have short hair, brown eyes and fair skin. His athletic figure has been sighted rushing into battle with a friendly warcry of "Stand up and die!".
When girded for battle, he is known to wield his Mithril Throwing Darts and Vicious Charsteel Blade, and is arrayed in his Blackened Runeweave Bodysuit. Foes are said to wither before the might of his Final Edition of the Silent Foot.

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