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Originally Posted by Kelric Valas View Post
Ahh. You're making it harder than it has to be. Who says your staff has to have a name? Right now as is? It doesn't. Just describe a staff, all you have to do. Make it funny, or bad ass. A few helping examples.

Kelric in a fit of rage finally has had enough. Basic necromancy has only allowed the Ettin to pick what type of toothpick he's wanted. Reaching over his shoulder he grabs his staff pulling it from that which binds it. Slamming it on the ground infront of him sends a small pulse of dark magic.

The staff made from those which he commands. The base of the staff is indeed a small child's foot giving it the amazing balance to stand on its own.(Nifty right? It can stand on its own. ^^) Climbing up the staff are miniature skeletons looking as if they're kicking and scratching one another to make it to the top where a palm sized emerald rests inside a human skull. The top of the skull is removed making the perfect nesting place for the bone dragon which is wrapped around the emerald keeping it safe and secure.

See. Something like that. I'd name it something cheezy yet what I think would be awesome. Like..


Got it...Bob the toothpick...
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