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Originally Posted by okion12 View Post
that would certanly enhance gameplay to a point, but what if dragon tavern had a new tye of graphics engine to go with the quests and a chat system.
Or what if we added a real time command line driven interface and gave a larger command queue to paying customers. Everything is imitation and when we are lucky evolution. Remorting has been in Asian market MMO's for years before added in DT. But it was still a great feature when adapted in an interesting and meaningful way.

I think what makes the idea of quests in DT interesting is that it gives an opportunity to people that want to spend a few extra minutes every day making choices in the game. I really enjoy DT, but to a large extent every decision I make is preestablished based on my statistical analysis on the value of known options. Each time the game changes (such as with remorts), I recalculate my math. Unless something changes again, all of my choices are predetermined. In fact, I could probably write a script to play DT for me as I believe I've been playing long enough to define every decision tree that I use.

Now that being said, quests do not have to be what is implemented to achieve this. I would be interested in anything that allows me to make a few extra choices each sitting. My idea is, if there are enough choices that could be made, it might make my decision tree too complex for me to know that I made the best choice possible given known probability. This translates to me as a more interesting gaming experience.
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