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Default A Hopeful Prologue (RPG)

is a small hopeful prologue, introducing my character to the Bards' Table.

The morning of the day was unlike no other, if you were favored enough to be slaying trouble along the Skyclaw Ridge Mountains. Indeed you were the brightest of suns on a flawless horizon, breathing in new air and catching the scent of fair maidens, the day was like no other. Unless of course, you were at rest in bed, upstairs in the Dragon Tavern like Rose Axellion where this tale takes us this morn'.

"Wghugh?" shifting to one side to measure the distance between his fist and the all so primitive magical clog clock pearched on a dresser table. "WHGUH!! Is that the time already??! Holy Cows! I've been asleep for 17 hours?? Mann, I'm sure if I could go to sleep I could reconjure those dreams about the fair..." The warrior 'figure' got up now scanning the room for his boots
"No wait, there's things to be done. Right. Rigght? Rightt! My noble griffin?! Aww devil imps, she's been sitting out there for all that time and I was sleeping." Axel tied his hair back, donned a white shirt, and wrestled on his leather briefs "the shamee!" he finally stood up "That bird, is going to be so flaired up at me."

Axel left the room, quitely closing the door as not to wake the lady he met last night and walked down the corridor past the many rooms. Atop the stairs, the sounds of music and rowdy behaviour along with the occasional snippet of a tall tale can be heard flowing from inside the legendary Dragon Tavern could be heard. "Still? Its like 12am? Don't they ever stop?" Axel mumoured to himself.

He amorously took some strides down the stairs, rubbing his blonde goate as he reached the last step. Nobody looked around they were too busy in their tales. "Hmmm good" He thought "Now if I can just get out of here without paying".

He bowed his head, and moved as quick as he could towards the door. Next he was out the door running up the hill past the shops, training facilities and merchants and continued up one of the hills, along the plush green meadow, hopped one handed over a wooden picket gate, and continued up the hill as fast as he could without breaking too grande a sweat.

He made it up to where thee crop of sparsely ladden rocky grey rocks stood. Pearched on top of one of the rocks, was a very disgruntled Griffin. But at least Axel was right about one thing for once. The bird was indeed "flaired up". Axel reached into his pocket and trying to reconjure his charm with the animal, slowly pulled out a pouch and the bird started to look a little less agressive. Exactly what Axel could do with-out, was a fight with his own mount. He took a few steps closer. "Looks what I got for you, eh? Remember ?"

The Griffin was of Imperial blood, perhaps not the noblest, but nobler than its "master" was a decent guess. He shook his main, and moved one claw forward. She tilted her head sideways, a very simular expression to a Sparrow that looks at a bit of bread with curiousity. Axel didn't know whether she was looking at the pouch, or HIM! So he opened the pouch, revealed a hand full of gold put it all back in. He thought to himself just for luck eh, brought out another gold piece and showed the bird another gold piece, plonked it into the pouch, tied it and threw it to the birds beak.

The griffin caught the pouch with ease and ruffled its feathers and placed the pouch alongside a strategic broken feather. "You know, If it wasn't for the gold and the ounce of noble blood you have. I would have probably plucked your head of those tiny shoulders." The Griffin spoke in chirpy roars.

"YOU, You spoke?!" Axel gasped and shook his hand in bewilderment!

"Yes indeed, and it's because of my lineage, look this obviously itsn't working for you and me, so if I just take this pouch, wish you fairwell, and tell the King, I'm sure you will have a replacement 'mount' as you so say, in a few days!". With that the Griffin made a sharp manueverable turn outstretched its wings, pushed its paws from the rock and jumped into flight and flew away. Axel stood quizically his mouth wide open, he tilted his head, closed his mouth slightly, took in a breath of air, stood standing eye to the sky for a few minutes, wondering to himself what had just happened and if this was some kind of joke. "Damn" He exclaimed to himself.

After about a half hour, of sitting, waiting on the lush meadow, and contemplating the consequences of what the previous night had had on the day, he picked up his stuff, and trotted back down the hill to what seemed such an ever so quite town...
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