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Default The Bartender of Dragon Tavern

Through the noise of the tavern goers, the familiar golden head appeared in brief intervals, wearing a dazzling smile as she cooed at one man, while filling his tankard to the frothy brim and pocketing the copper coin without so much as a blink of her fluttering lashes. The barmaid sashayed her way back towards the counter, ignoring the jeering calls that followed her, nimbly stepping over the drunken mound of meat that passed out upon the ground.

?Sirenna? Bruce familiar?s voice called out to her and she turned to face the formidable figure that was her boss. He stood a head taller then the most, his features gruff and his bald head shining under the tavern light. Despite everything though, the woman knew he was a good man; he was living his dream and running one of the most successful taverns in the entire Dragon Town area - not a easy feat for someone who had once lost everything he owned.

She gave him her full attention, the coy smile she reserved for her customers, slipping off her beautiful face.

?Hey Boss, Something the matter??
She said, tipping her chin up to survey the bar scene. It was unusually crowded today, and she could see the groups of weary adventurers quietly finishing their drinks before they retired for the day. Further back, where a group of youngsters sat bragging over their latest venture, a cheer filled the air, followed by sounds of something crashing onto the table. Beside her, Bruce muttered under his breath (?Green imps!?) and started to turn.

?There?s a man at the bar, I think you might be interested in,?
He told her in low tones. ?Seems like he?s down on his luck and needs a bit of help.? With a knowing wink, the big man lumbered off to deal with the

?Oh?? The woman let her reply dangle in the air as she angled her head slightly and honed her gaze onto the said adventurer. At first glance, he appeared to be another sky rider - hair just a tad too long, wrinkled shirt, calloused hands - in other words? not particularly rich.

Sirenna sighed.

Mustering up patience, the woman approached with a easy smile upon her face, tilting her body so her curves were on generous display. Long, slender fingers reached out and danced up the sleeves of the adventurer. "Oh hello there handsome," Her voice was rich, throaty and full of promises. "The boss said you were looking for some fun - is there something I can assist you with?" She asked, her blue eyes gazing into that of the man.
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