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Originally Posted by Sirenna View Post
Mustering up patience, the woman approached with a easy smile upon her face, tilting her body so her curves were on generous display. Long, slender fingers reached out and danced up the sleeves of the adventurer. "Oh hello there handsome," Her voice was rich, throaty and full of promises. "The boss said you were looking for some fun - is there something I can assist you with?" She asked, her blue eyes gazing into that of the man.
Sitting over the table sat on the small pine stool, the fellow stretched his arms high in the air, let out solid grunting yawn and turned around to face the dazzling Bar maid. He wasn't really so focused and blinked to regain his pose, he didn't look tired or exhausted. He was waking up from a day dream. He smiled at the bar maid and spoke up.

"Hi there hun, I'm Axel, I am a bit bothered. I'll explain something if you like, it won't take time, and sure I would like some entertainment, but will you sit down for a minute?"
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