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Axel got up from his seat, and adjusted his belt slightly with his thumbs, shook his plaits to the side and gave a more reflective look into the barmaids eyes. He weighed up a few things in his mind. Whether any question would actually get him any interesting answers, and if she was just another Maid in another Tavern "Well if you can tell me how many Dragon Taverns there actually are? That would be a start hun." He was toying, joking and didn't really want to waste someone elses time. You could see it will the way he was and how he carried himself. A carefree, but troubled soul is was what she assertained with her years of Bar Service. He wasn't particulary charasmatic, there wasn't an ounce of royalty, or lineage to some god or higher being being or some far chasmatic divine fate weighing on his shoulders. Well not today at least. As far as she could tell he was just a normal adventurer who was fairly blonde and attractive, in a rugged way.

She paused just that bit longer if to take an order, although she didn't seem to warm to him. He managed to spew in a few words before he eyed the exit. "I know you can't sit down, busy innit, its just a man needed to know a local route from Daggerspine to Sky Haven. On the seal of the Lord of Sky Haven I was requested to pass by the outskirts of the Bravaki Desert, pick up some herbs there and go to Haven, or what you might of heard refered to as Sky Haven. Looks like I am going back there then, because I couldn't find the route through, but I hear there is another Dragons Tavern someway there. Perhaps if you could tell me if this is true or not I would be grateful?"

He picked himself up properly, getting most of his gear from the table and pocketing a few things, a compass, three six sided white ivory die, a small dagger. He also strapped a pouch to his side. In the meantime, the barmaid who was listening but merely, was picking up the glasses left by him and previous drinkers, or those that had padded their pint onto the table and mopping up the spillage.

He moved his hand out vertical and flat as to signal a way forward to the door. He gave the impression this was his next destination!

"You have heard of Sky Haven?"
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