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Default Chapter 6: City of Sorrows

With a rush of wind, the hippogriff jaunted into the skies once again. All but a handful of the original escort party were left. Forgal had lost good men, no... he had lost good friends. Fellow Hunters that could never be replaced. Those who survived could only manage to give them a rough burial, finding what they could of their bodies (or what was left of them) in the darkness, and setting it ablaze that their bodies may return to dust; lest scavengers defile them. Forgal's eyes hardened, setting his gaze forward as they followed behind the ghostlike form of the lead Roc.

Clearing the tree tops, both riders were suddenly bathed in pure soft moonlight as elfaron shone down upon them. As if her heart was saddened by their loss, she wept a thousand tears, their glittering luminescence sparkling all over the dark heavens. Sighing inwardly, Forgal thought he heard a faint cry like that of a Roc. But it did not come from the front. Glancing to his left, the Hunter's eyes widened as dozens of grayish shadows materialized out of the tree tops. A silver rider or two atop each one. A peek to his right showed the same thing. More of the Eldanin... the Hunter began to wonder what awaited them in Telethos.


If a city had a gender, Telethos would be female. An old widow. A woman who has lived long and lost much. A mother that had to endure the loss of her children, right in front of her very eyes. A mother who grieved the loss of her loved ones, but was never allowed rest from her torment; for her enemies were ever present. Waiting for her to let her guard down.

Despite the odds, she still struggled to live on. Despite the odds, she continued to live on in the hopes that someday, things will change. That someday, with her enemies defeated, all will be made new again.

The Eldanin host pressed on through the night. Great arcane winds fueled the beasts, pushing them ever forward, allowing them to cover huge distances in the blink of an eye. Trees and hills, mountains and rocks, all passed by in an instant. A great silvery trail remained as the only constant feature; her elegant curves winding through the forests beneath them. A wide rushing river it was. The Eldanin called her the Sirei Elemmire, the Telethosians called it the Silver River. Pressing on, a small mountain range appeared to their left, its ominous presence barring their way to the east. It was not until theiy cleared then mountain range that they realized it was almost dawn. The light from the rising sun, no longer obstructed by the mountains temporarily blinded Forgal as the host turned away from the Elemmire and headed east. It was after blinking several times that he finally could see enough to behold the wintery landscape of the North. They had long ago passed the last of the trees and all he could see was a harsh plain. It was only when one of the Eldanin pulled out a horn to let out a low pitched call, which was answered in the distance, that Forgal caught sight of the city.

Built halfway into the mountains with a man-made river leading up to it's side, the Hunter wondered why he didn't see it before. The host had already begun ascending into the harsher winds of the heights in order to clear the towering walls of the city. As they passed over the thick battlements, a distant horn sounded once again. This time, a beacon of fire flared on the eastern part of the city; it's light guiding the host through the winter blizzard. Glancing down, Forgal observed run-down houses. Some had been so thoroughly ruined that it was clearly inhabitable. Evidence of a past battle could be seen littering the remnants of the city.

They were finally here. They were finally in Telethos...

Character Profiles: Lysiris Farandir & Iridris Farandir

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