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Sitting astride his hippogriff as the host swerved among some tall buildings and towers, Forgal's training in the arts of scouting naturally led him to scrutinize his surroundings more carefully. The outer walls, probably as wide as nine horses standing side by side and five times that at the base, was hardly damaged. They appeared to be of dwarven design, hewn out of some gray stone and stood about a hundred meters high. Though patrols could be seen tending to the battlements they were scarce in number; unusual for a city under siege. Despite the condition of the walls, most of the houses they passed were badly damaged, a clear indication that the enemy had broken through from the gates and into the city itself. The flicker of an occasional fire shining out from the cracks of windows told him that this same enemy had been driven back far enough that people had begun to inhabit the houses once again.

From what he had seen of the size of the city, Forgal assumed the original population to be around two thirds that of the Mountain Kingdoms; or slightly less than the living population of Vitheka. Nevertheless, the war had probably reduced that by a significant amount. A tattered flag bearing a symbol of a winged dagger fluttered in the gale as they passed a rugged fortress-like building. Flying on, the host passed over a lower wall and came upon a curious section of the city. Much like the previous one, most of the buildings were in a bad condition or perhaps worse. Amongst the ruins, were huge tents. Most were bigger than the average house. Made out of some light brown material, they hardly wavered in the rushing wind. Shimmering glyphs dotted the dome shaped tents, their dull light barely visible in the falling snow.

Distracted, Forgal almost overtook the others when they suddenly began descending. Instead of stopping infront of a tent, their guides headed towards what seemed like a temple. Pillars of white stone bordering a cobbled courtyard, the temple once belonged to an unknown order within Telethos. As it was one of the few buildings left untouched by the fight, the Elds decided to make use of it. Following the Mage's lead, Forgal landed his mount with the other Hunter's following suit. Despite their early arrival, several of the Eldanin appeared from one of the doorways to help with the Rocs. The Hunter narrowed his eyes when none came to help them. Instead, the Elds were carefully averting their eyes as if he were but a rock by the roadside.

Teetering his mount to a nearby pillar, he looked up as the Eld called Sylianna approached them. It seemed as if she was the only one who acknowledged their presence.

"Come." She stated simply and turned to follow the mage as he headed into the temple. Walking through the hallways, the human noticed that most of the Eldanin he passed were female. All were dressed in simple white robes, like that of an acolyte, and wore a circlet of moonstones around their foreheads. Contrary to the others, they did not seem to be purposefully ignoring the party of humans. Most seemed to be rushing about on an errand but some stopped to give them an acknowledging nod. By the time they caught up to the mage, he had carried Iridris into a healing room, laid her on a bed and was pouring some dark liquid down her throat. Finished, he stood up and muttered something to Sylianna before sweeping out of the room.

Syl sighed as she gazed at Iridris, the latter's face now serene as if she slumbered peacefully, before she turned back to the others.

"She will be fine now... the poison though deadly from where you come from, is a common substance here in the North."
Her eyes shifted, as if she were unsure of what to do or say.

"Well...W-Welcome to Telethos?"

Character Profiles: Lysiris Farandir & Iridris Farandir

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