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As usual, the young necromancer didnae speak as they soared through the skies, towards their final destination. Unbiddingly, the final scenes of their recent battle crossed her mind and a small shudder went through the girl’s frame. Her fingers gripped the leather harness tightly as she recalled the instant she lifted into the air. Never before, was she faced with the inability to defend herself; T’was not the fear of flying that made the girl tremble - but the failure of reciprocation should an enemy retaliate in the air.

The ground was where her source of power lie; it is there the necromancer could sense the buried dead and feel the energies deep within the mundane earth. In flight, the hushed whispers of lost souls, was replaced by the whistling wind of the chilly atmosphere. Though the young girl would’ve welcomed the silence at one point in time, she now found the loss unnerving and discomforting.

She closed her eyes and forced her mind onto where they were headed.

How have the people been defending themselves? What remained of Telethos? Would anyone recognize her?

So many questions troubled her young mind, yet as they descended and Qtchi slowly opened her eyes and found herself speechless. Her troubled gaze stared at the barren grounds and at the smatter of houses that leaned against the base of the mountains; t’was hard for the girl to realize this was all that was left of the bustling city she had left in the past. Her grip tightened and she continued to view the ruined buildings with a solemn silence.

The men were already dismounting, when the girl unbuckled the leather straps and simply slumped off the hippogriff, meeting the ground in a weak stagger. Rolling her shoulders back, the girl wearily stretched and drew in the mountain air, her eyes searching through the dense crowd for her companions. She caught sight of Iridris’ prone figure, still held by their hosts and began approaching, relishing the feel of the steady ground beneath her feet.

With reserve, the lass found herself following the Eldanin’s deeper into the temple where they brought the elf to rest. Even as Captain Adeimar spoke, her eyes continued to look at the poisoned victim upon the bed.

”Tell me this - had Siernan returned?”
She asked out loud, her voice soft, but audible in the calm of the healing room. Her gaze slowly left that of the Iridris’ slumbering face and matched that of Sylianna’s…
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