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“Thank you for your haste. What can we now do for you and your people?...”

Sylianna turned her head to regard the human even as her mouth opened to speak, but whatever she wanted to say was interrupted by that of another.

”Tell me this - had Siernan returned?”

The Eld's silvery orbs grew in intensity as her eyes widened in surprise.

"Si-Siernan?! Y-Yes... H-How do you know...? Returned? From the Southlands? From the South..." Almost abruptly, as if on a sudden insight the woman's demeanor changed from one of surprise to one of comprehending.

"Siernan... He must have told you of Telethos then!? That means he has succeeded? But... he is not with you...? What did you...?"
A flurry of questions burst forth from Syl's lips before she could check herself. With a sigh, she took a deep breath before continuing in a more measured tone.

"I-I'm sorry... it must be too much to ask... I... I'll explain it to you as best I can..."

"As you would already know, Telethos is in aid of warriors to defend her city... Siernan was our last hope in seeking aid. He... He was the best Telethos had... and from what I've learnt, served her almost as long as he lived. The Eldanin... my people, are a proud race... B-But this foolish pride has blinded them! "We do not need help..." he said. How can he not see that we very much do need all the help we can get?!"
At the sudden outburst, Syl's voice changed in tone, but she quickly let it pass.

"A-Anyway, Siernan was due to meet up with a scouting party from Telethos a few months back... but he did not appear. For weeks, Telethos had been sending out scouts... risking their lives for this one glimmer of hope. The Magista and I, we were the last round... I guess, I cannot but fear the worse for him since he is not with you. But the stars, they brought you here! There must be a reason behind this!" In her eagerness she almost forgot about the recovering elf, until a moan escaped Iridris' lips.

Glancing down, Syl felt her cheeks grow hot with embarrassment. "Oh... I'm sorry! It was a rough journey, so soon after that fight... you all should find rest. I... I'll find someone to bring you to your rooms. We will speak more of this after your rest and when your... friend awakes."


Soft sheets of sunlight broke through the overcast skies to skim the tips of a tree in the middle of the temple courtyard. From afar, the tree appeared barren and dead, devoid of any fruit or leaves. That is, until one looked at it up close and observed the shimmering prisma of lights that filtered through glass like leaves. Transparent and light, they seemed almost ethereal. Iridris thought.

Dressed in similar garb to that of the priestesses, she sat on a stony bench watching the fleeting rays of sunlight cascade over the Hoghast Tree. Hoghast, yes... that was what that lady, Syliannastrasza told her. Sylianna... the eldanin... Telethos... The last thing Iridris remembered was walking alongside Qtchi, then they were attacked... and now, she was in Telethos... for some peculiar reason, nothing seemed to surprise her.

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