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Originally Posted by Edik
-what is OOC?
Good point!
OOC means 'Out of Character'. I have added an Terminology section to the guide. Thank you for pointing it out!
Originally Posted by Edik
-I can't imagine myself dedicating to RP
That is why I wanted to create a guide - so that more people can understand it and join us on the boards...
I think you would do wonderful Edik!
Originally Posted by Wyeel
Very thorough!
Those who read this should not have a reason to break any of those rules... =P
Thanks Wyeel - I read their existing rules and almost died. They had really terrible rules like:
When alternating between thoughts and speach, use ^.
Consequently, everyone was posting with ^ ^ instead of "quotation marks" >.<!!!
Then they also had:
Posts cannot be more then a paragraph long. No page long posts. Give people a chance to catch up
I literally went >.<!!! then deleted 50% of my post after I read that. People can't catch up if I have a post longer then 8 sentences?!

Then they had:
...cannot introduce new situation or random battles in a thread..
Again, I had to re-edit my post again! My initial post was being chased into their thread by a demon...but that was against their forum rules....HA! Just made no sense....So I had to do something! LOL!

Thanks for reading DarkVisor! I hope to see more RPs from you in the future too!
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