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Default Fremen Talla.

Name: Fremen Talla

Age: 29

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Realm: Skyclaw Alliance

Class: Warmaster

Description: Fremen is fairly short and has a thin figure. His burly arms and shoulders come as no surprise for men who spend the greater part of their lives wielding an axe or sword (Like Fremen) usually end up with powerful muscles in their arms. Fremenís height is highly irregular for a Warmaster as he is only about 5.6f. Yet he wields his weapons and holds his seat in the saddle as well as any man and is always seen riding at the head of his soldiers. Fremenís skin is fair and he has piercing blue eyes which shine brightly when he is happy, which is often.

Equipment: Fremenís equipment is constantly changing as he acquires more money to afford better stuff, at the present time he is equipped with Crimson Guard Mithril Warblades (Which symbolise that he belongs to the Crimson Guard) He is girded in heavy Mithril platemail and a kite shield (Which is usually slung over his back) Fremen also keeps a spare round buckler on his horse for emergencies. His horse is an excellent mount that can bear incredibly heavy loads, Fremen knows him as Warrior and the horse is his constant companion. Fremen sometimes bears the nickname of ĎThe Horse Whispererí from his soldiers due to an alleged telepathic connection between Fremen and Warrior. Fremen commands a Phalanx of seasoned warriors called the Twelfth Phalanx, it consists of 210 warriors and all of these men are equipped with runesteel longswords (their primary weapon) a small steel dagger and are girded with Runesteel armour and depending on their status in the unit, it is either plate or chainmail. Their shields are usually steel tower shields.

History: Fremen was born in the northern city of Hearthfire; his father was called Ahedros Talla and was a well respected Skyguard. Ahedrosís wife fell pregnant around the time of Ahedrosís death. Ahedros was on patrol over the Skyclaw Ridge Mountains when he flew over a group of Rivana Mercenary archers, they fired an arrow which penetrated his griffinís heart, as the griffin lurched, Ahedros managed to kick free of his stirrups and escaped being pinned when his mount fell. Driven almost insane by the loss of his mount, Ahedros fled, carrying his dead friend with him. The mercenaries pursued Ahedros into a deep dark cave. When Ahedros attacked the men he was cut down through sheer weight of numbers. Fremen was born and raised by his mother; he had ambitions when he was younger of becoming a Skyguard like the father he never knew. However he soon became interested in the lives of the Warmasters, he had seen them on patrol and when he actually summoned up the courage to ask when of them about the life they led they unkindly laughed at him. Undeterred, Fremen began an exploration into the lives of the Warmasters. Finally he asked his mother what his father would have thought of him becoming a Warmaster, the only question he had ever asked his mother about his father. His mother said that his father would be proud no matter what option he chose. At the age of sixteen Fremen was conscripted into levy service in the army. After his two months of training he discovered a band of untrained louts whom he equipped, fed and declared his own. Although the circumstances were unusual, Fremen was promoted to the rank of Corporal and the King of the Humans agreed to give Fremen command of the men. Fremen and his soldiers fought together on many campaigns and wars and the bond of friendship between Fremen and his soldiers has endured through Fremenís promotion to Sergeant then to Lieutenant and then to Captain. Fremenís original squad members are now the officers of the Twelfth Phalanx (which is the unit Fremen commands) Fremen left and sailed across the great sea in search of threats unknown. The Twelfth Phalanx was given a garrison officer to replace him. He let them go soft with almost no proper military drill. Fremen returned, shortly before his twenty ninth birthday. He reassumed command of the Twelfth Phalanx and proceeded to get them into shape again. Fremen continues in his never-ending quest for the destruction of evil to this day.
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