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Well, this isn't technically a bug but I'll explain how it works.

The portions of one TOAD type to another in main locations are not 100% even, because that's not as much fun to create content for (to me at least) however I did go over them and try and even up the numbers and create a few more monsters where one area was lacking. The end result is that normal locations are roughly the same, however there are some which are more prominent in some, but not in others.

Sub Locations are another matter entirely They're intentionally skewed in some directions, as it makes more sense from a game-lore point of view. This is intentional, and considered part of learning the game that advanced players can make the most of. It's not a gamebreaker (I hope) to anyone who doesn't care though.

Just one of the many invisible edges that players who play a lot and pay attention can get.
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