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Originally Posted by okion12 View Post
How about elite versions of the non elite locations (skyclaw etc etc)
Rather pointless - you already have the sublocations. As I recall, the elite locations were introduced to stretch toons that were level 50+; hence you don't access them until then. Also, they offered guaranteed character credits which the regular locations didn't.

What may work better is more consumeables available via character credits; for example, purchasing the services of a mercenary for x days to add to your TSC, equipment enhancements to give temporary pluses to AR/DR (you visit the smithy to get your weapon sharpened or the armourer to polish your armour)... I find that now I've got all the advantages I need, the only thing I'm spending credits on is lodgings - extra APs aren't worth it because of having to spend on feeding the gee-gee on top.

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