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Knock and wait thought Axel. He was calm and composed, he definately heard voices in the room and observed the corridor and its environment for extra peace of mind, he grinned, and cupped his ear and put his head to the door. Now obviously this wasn't the smartest of moves but he definately had his moments and this wasn't one of them.

He listened and heard a crack of magic, he was startled and as he rocked his head back he could see the door infront of his eyes, let's say millimeters from his eyes, shard and wood crack around him. He was flung back and landed on his arse. A twin second later he was almost winded, but far from, as another great weight landed on the remains of a room door, and him.

He uffed for a while as the force was quite strong, not mere flying door force. Reminding him of the last Ettin Shaman who had picked a door of its hinges and smashed Axel around the torso, but a extra magical booming thump. For if it was not for this extra force, Axel might have even predertermined and leapt out the way, yet magic was a curiousity for himself and tended to get him at the worst of times.

Voices muffled over his ringing ear too, could be heard but after way too much hesitation. Axel forced the weight of himself and lay on the floor looking up at a curious figure. The figure stared back in a thoughtless expression determining Axel as sewer-trash, adventuring scum, wannabe king potential and laughed. Whether this be... at Axel, the now what occured to be a woman, or the whole entire situation? It seemed a mystery. Axel none the less took the situation in his direction and got up, and now walked like true adventuring scum away from the scuffle. But he knew that a person with such potential power must know a route through the Bravaki Desert into Sky Haven. Well at least he knew he would give it a shot. He smiled and because he was pretty dumb and way too adventurous said " If you know where I be heading I could pay for a traveller to pass with me from Bravaki and show me the route to Sky Haven, perhaps you haven't been before but I am aware that someone of your stature must know of this fickle route " Axel said, slumped, shurgged, stared and repeated "or... perhaps you haven't been before?" and with that Axel re-adjusted his belt and buckle.
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