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She growled him - the deep sound emanating from within her small frame still perched atop the debris. In a blink of an eye, the lass shifted and sat up, ignoring the pieces of wood falling off her body in a small shower of dust. Dark ebony locks shifted from her face and revealed a pale face, upon which two emerald orbs glittered dangerously at Necronas.

”Look at wot ye done,” The girl hissed, ignoring the offered hand and rising on her own accord. A scorched tunic tucked in a pair of black pants graced her lithe figure - complete with a pair of heavy boots, the brass buckles gleaming dully against the worn leather. A spell upon her lips, the girl started raising her hand, the silver bracelet upon her wrist letting out a faint charm…

…but then, someone interrupted her and Qtchi blinked, turning in astonishment.

There, behind her, stood a human. The light flickered, then died from her fingertips and the lass listened as he explained his presence. A snort interrupted him and she languidly tossed her long locks over one shoulder.

”Him? Ha! He couldn’t take ye nowhere,” She said, folding her arms and giving Necronas a sardonic look. ”The man is hopeless. I on the other hand, can be persuaded…”

Pulling her lips back, the lass revealed a row of sharp teeth and smiled sweetly at the stranger...
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