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You're quite good, Adam! Just try to keep the "you" as the character...

As you try to enter the camp, a magical barrier cut your escape route, encircling the empty clearing... The camp was an illusion! You vainly try to go throught the barrier, with no success. A vague of exhaustion takes you, making you fall on the ground...

"I'm waiting in cookie jars
Waiting for my traps to spring
Craving for human limbs
I am the Cookie Monster...
Fear me, hate me, but as long
As naughty children come in my clutch...
I don't mind what I'm called"
<(^_^-<) <(^_^-^) ^(-^_^-)^ (^-^_^)> (>-^_^)>
Kirby is everyone's favorite pink monster!
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