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My steps carry me through the forest. Each step bringing me closer to what I would hope is home. Looking down at my feet as I follow the path, I take stock of what I know. Two leather heavily worn boots. My travels wearing them thinner with each step. My pants full of holes and thread bare in more then one spot. Any decent lady would faint at some parts of me that are showing from behind. My vest dark leather, plain simple, a few brass studs still showing, growing green with age.
Reaching up my hands touch this bandage wrapped around my head. Groaning lightly from just the faint touch of my fingers send waves of pain through my body. My knees turn to jelly as the ground rushes up to meet me.
A cool night breeze, wakes me up, as it travels across my body with its silent caress. Climbing to my feet slowly. The first raindrops spatter on my head as I gather my bearings. Thinking to myself “Great.. what can happen next?”
Looking up only when the sound of a crowded tavern reaches my ears. Still trying to figure out what happened to me I make my way through the front door. As I push my way through the crowd my hands dart here and there. Each time coming back with a coin here, a gem there. As I reach the bar I slap a few coins down on the bar top.
As the Barmaid turns to me I tell her “Ale and Food … in that order. I don’t care what food just bring it to me.” Sitting there I wonder how I learned or knew to be a pick pocket. I know I had nothing for money when I walked in the door. But that still didn’t stop me, I just stole it as I moved to get what I wanted.
Turning around on the seat, my wet cloths making the seat squeek slightly. The Bartender leans back over “Hey stranger your new here. What is your name??” Hearing
that I turn to him and shrug a smile teasing my lips in mirth as I reply “I wish I knew…”

OOC : If i have some of the details wrong I will apologize now. I THINK i have them all right but not exactly 100% sure feel free to message me with the details i missed or ones that might help me follow along better.
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