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Default Priceless Advice...

Her smile continued to grow until her entire face was lit with bright humor. ?Well then,? She spoke languidly, her lashes fluttering as she leaned against the table and propped her chin up with a fist. Her hair spilled forward and glimmered seductively in the dim tavern lights as she licked her lips in anticipation.

?If you are serious about this escort, then you are in luck! This adventurer is staying here in Dragon Tavern at the moment?? Her voice trailed off as she swallowed once, concealing her inner mirth. ?Just head up the stairs and knock on the last door at the end. Just a warning, this adventurer is somewhat? different,?Sirenna said, for lack of descriptive words.

With that, she straightened and picked up a dishrag, winking at the man.

?I hope you find what it is you are searching for,? She said, heading off back towards the kitchen. ?Good Luck??

?you?re going to need it, She completed in her mind, her laughter gently trailing behind her.
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