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The visions of his mind had faded. His ears pricked up with the news that someone knew the passage. Albeit looking for an excuse to get there soon he gathered his stuff around the table, grabbed a bag and slung it over his shoulder.

He looked up and around, one last time, and breathed in a long hugging breath at what the barmaid meant by the description of this character. A few questions came to mind, the two obvious ones were was "it" humanoid and was "it" dangerous. Physically dangerous, mind you, the thoughts of mental danger or mere calamity was mere theatrics, yet IF the "agent" was going to lead off the path then he would have to sling it to the sky and fly with his intuition.

"Well I am glad there is a person who can get me there!" Axel spoke.

He sort of looked at the barmaid with a nice gesture of thanks, and laid a nice pouch of gold on the table as gratitude. He had lost a fortune last night in gambling but still there was no point in being stingy. Afterall he tend to take his matters of frustration to the monsters, not a friendly girl like this. If life had taught him anything, its the small things that matter, and a good deed was always a small thing.

Once he had loaded his equipment to himself. He hot footed up the steps as not to waste time. If the "escort" was a complete failure then he better know sooner than later. So up the stairs, he arrived towards the end of the corridor and knocked the door. He smiled, emptied his mind, and lastly checked his dagger was sheathed but by his side. He knocked one last time, a subtle yet sturdy rap on the wooden door. And waited.
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