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Necronas snorted at her refusal of his assistance. The girl was a stubborn lass, and a fiery one at that. Rather strange for a girl who looked pretty much dead. But then again, that was what intrigued Necronas so much about her. The girl's rage was nothing if not a conduit for the release of power that she was unable to control, much of which she was unaware even existed. But that same release which had drawn him to her also induced an unhealthy number of brawls, such as this one. In fact, this particular instance was one in which the environment would consider itself lucky.

Necornas conveniently ignored the words that blamed the brawl on him. He may not have been a social pariah, but even he knew that arguing with a woman was utterly pointless, even when you were right, and he didn't want to start the brawl all over again. Besides, they had a visitor.

"What my disoriented companion means to say is," Necronas said. His voice showed no sign of his internal interest in where this nameless adventurer was off to. It was dangerously close to a place of rather significant import to the black seer. At least they were going through the desert route. With any luck they could easily avoid the place completely. But then again, it probably was that time of the year for the annual check-up. A lich's gotta do what a lich's gotta do. And if he earned some money on the way, all the better. "That although I may know of the route, my apparent uselessness is due to my possession of an attention span longer than that of a mosquito. That same logic marks Q here as the most efficient adventurer in the tavern." Necronas smiled wryly and quickly muttered a warding spell just in case that particular tease provoked another one of Q's trademark responses.

"Though I must ask what a scrawny romanticist such as yourself would want in Sky Haven,"
Necronas continued, since this particular individual looked nothing like any of the towering Sky Guards he had seen. "And unless you want me to refer to you as some ridiculous nickname like Grapefruit, perhaps an introduction and a ballpark figure of our pay would be in order."

Necronas grinned as he made note of the color of the stranger's skin. "Though I might just call you Grapefruit anyway." Even their insides were the same color.
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