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”Tis always better to be prepared,” The young girl sneered in response, unfolding her arms as she suddenly shifted across the debris soundlessly; sidling so close she could almost hear the faint patter of the human’s heartbeat underneath his shirt. Hard, glittering eyes studied the pattern upon his shirt for a few seconds, before rising to the delicate curve of where his collarbone met his neck…

”What will ye do if - say - something were to happen to yer lone guide and ye were left to fend for yourself in unknown lands?” She said in a low voice, pausing long enough to draw in a deep breath and licking her full lips hungrily. Then, in a voice so low the words were almost inaudible, the lass marveled…

”So fragile-” She whispered, her eyes tracing the thick veins just underneath the thin stretch of skin. ”-so easily hurt…or killed…” Her voice trailed off and for a moment, the lass seemed to sway, the movement akin to a mesmerized cobra when faced with a tantalizing melody…

A shudder interrupted her reverie, making the lass blink and stumble back - suddenly losing all grace she carried seconds before. A bit of confusion crossed her face, before it was gone, smoothed back to it's pale complexion - the usual mask of her visage. Taking a few steadied breaths, Qtchi lifted her chin and managed a faint smile…

”…so perhaps tis wise ye had me go as well - don’t ye agree Sir’rah?”

Her eyes flickered to Necronas, wondering what it is he was thinking, before she turned and began making her way back into the darkened room. ”Once ye think of an offer, come meet me- us - by the stables and let us be on our way. If not, I am sure ye can try the Guild… and perhaps this time, they will wait till ye left town before they cut yer throat and rob ye of all yer values,” She spoke wryly, before disappearing between the charred remains of her door frame, and began packing for the upcoming adventure…
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