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"Okay, well I will meet you at the stables tonight at Dusk, we should set out then and ride as far as we can to Bravaki, and then find the desert from there, once you can guide me through that part of the desert, to some of the mountain passages into Skyclaw I will be fine, unless you know any shorter routes?" Axel explained.

He peered through the door opening to see what she was packing,

"You should really give your price first and then I can see if I can match it, who knows perhaps you don't accept gold as a payment, perhaps something of more value to you? Yet to be honest I cannot pay for two guides, so if two of you come you will have to split whatever it is you are asking for."

and he left to go outside as Axel walked down the corridor he spoke up.

"I'll be waiting downstairs for sometime because I need a drink." He continued along the corridor "and then I can meet you at the stables!"

Quite aware of any odd noises from behind him, he came down the stairs to sit down by a table sat next to someone. He placed some of his things to the side of his leg and ordered some Ferlin Bees Water and lit his small pipe. He took out a small book from his sack and just started reading. He seemed relatively calm now that he knew someone knew the way. He looked up at the stranger on the same table as him, and smiled, and continued with his light reading. The sun shone through the Taverns windows and the faeries or mere dust glinted in the rays of light, some great stainglass shone brightly above some of the windows, and Axel smiled. He pawed for the next page of his book and inhaled some of his tobacco.
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