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She threw together a light pack, not saying much to Necronas as her hands deftly tied the straps and tugged it over her shoulder. The stranger departed downstairs, leaving behind the damaged contents of the room and when Qtchi turned around to survey the mess, she winced. She liked Dragon Tavern - in a way, it has become her only home in this alien world - a place where she returned to after her constant adventuring.

She was not about to let the boor ruin her relationship with the owner.

“Look at this,“ She muttered, kicking aside some debris and striding across the silent room. Leaning down, she lifted one end of a fallen table and heft it upon its remaining legs. Gesturing to the rest of the room, she gave Necronas an exasperated look. ”Fix this will ya? I ain’t payin’ Bruce to clean up this mess when it was your fault,” She demanded, before sweeping towards the scorched entrance. Behind her, a loud crack sounded and the table collapsed without warning, raising a huge plume of dust.


Qtchi made a face of dismay, before straightening her back and casting a final glare at the man. ”Hurry! The rest of us will be at the stables,” She snapped, before marching out and down the stairs…
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