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Default Top rankings

I know it's mostly irrelevant, but I totally HAD to brag about this: all the starsigns of which my characters take part have one of my characters in the highest ranking. Some of them share starsign, so they can't all be in the highest ranking, of course.

In The Enlightened Banner, Mieki, Nippur and Paeruh hold the first three positions. In The Wrathful Mask, Ender comes first and Thaurus is in 4th position. In The Violent Tower, the Mayfair tweens hold the first two positions. And even Deurges, who has now remorted twice, was the first character from The Active Shield to remort (he was the highest ranked then, of course).

Again, this is all mostly irrelevant, since I mostly play to make my characters compete among them, but I noticed it the other day and felt I had some bragging rights about this

The Main Gang: Deurges - Mieki - Paeruh - Nippur
The Black Brothers: Thaurus - Ender
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