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Originally Posted by ordos View Post
i quest with them, gear them with weapons, died n ressed, got drunk with each of them, just like in a MMO. so they are toons to me
Yeah,. uhm,. MMO characters like in World of Warcraft or whatever you played before, aren't considered "toons" either.
It tends to be a younger generation that does not seem to know/understand the difference, and it's about as irksome as people who neglect the difference between Rogue (shadowy character, pickpocket, thief) and Rouge (french makeup, red cheeks).

Please allow me to enlighten you to the difference, then.
So that you may spread this wisdom among your peers, friends, and other folk you may wish to impress with your newfound wisdom in the future.

- Toons are more the disney, marvel, dc comics kind of thing. The stuff you read on the bus or at a comic store and do not actually have any control over.
-> Toon:

- Characters tend to be classified to "roleplaying" games, and which is where you act and play as though being said person - pretty much exactly as you described you are doing.
-> RPG Character:

Case in point, some terms you've no doubt heard before and will come across quite often in Role Playing Games:
- NPC = Non Playable Character.
- PC = Playable Character.

Not "NPT"...
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