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Default Embers of War

Well there DT! This is a place I haven't been too in a LONG TIME... I have been back with various characters over the years, but never to this corner of this site. I daresay in my wanderings to other parts of the Internet I have become a much better writer over the years and it puts my... to put it mildly... feeble efforts on this site to shame. I'm not sure how long I'll be back and whether I'll write more, but if I get enough of a good response and enough people like this story I may write more. This one will just be a short story featuring the return of my old character, and the introduction of a new permanent character in my stories. Mainly designed to get me used to writing them and getting a feel for writing in the world of DT. Comments and feedback welcome as always, and whether this goes anyway will depend on the reviews I get, so drop me a line with your thoughts on this story if you read it.

If I write in future, these two characters will be the main POV's and I may add a Deadlands character into the mix as well in a later story, but this short piece will set both characters and their place in the land and respective realms up in case I decide to pursue this.

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